Blackout Tattoos: The 2016 Tattoo Trend Features A Whole Lot Of Black Ink

The next trend in tattoos features something unexpected. They are called "blackout tattoos," and the hashtag #blackouttattoo already enjoys 1,807 posts on Instagram. Back on September 29, 1942, when the above photo of Doris Sherrell was taken, the dancer and singer, who was featured in the "Blackouts of 1942," was likely considered a bit wacky for having her social security number tattooed on one leg and her address tattooed on the other leg -- just in case there was a bombing and her body needed to be identified.

Well, that type of preparation isn't necessarily the point of the blackout tattoos gaining popularity in 2016. As reported by the Daily Mail, blackout tattoos are ones that feature a lot of black ink being tattooed on the body in various designs.For example, the above photo of a blackout tattoo from Instagram shows an intricate blackout tattoo design that was created to cover up another tattoo beneath it.

That photo uses a hashtag of a similar tattooing design, called #blackworktattoo, which has 84,139 posts on Instagram as of this writing. Either way, some of the photos that fall beneath either label show sometimes large areas of the body being tattooed with black ink.

With certain blackout tattoos covering such large portions of the body, one can only imagine how painful it would be to try to have the blackout tattoos removed using lasers if the wearer ever decided they wanted their blackout tattoos gone. With so much solid black ink being used in some of the blackout tattoos, they are being called a big commitment.

Blackout tattoos are usually placed on the legs or arms, but some folks go so far as to have their chests, backs, and nearly their entire bodies tattooed in black ink, including their stomachs. Sometimes the blackout tattoos make a person appear as if they are wearing leggings or other black clothing.

As seen in the above photo, a man is shown getting a black tattoo that represents a tree spreading across his back. Many of the blackout tattoos use the negative space and lighter coloring created by the skin to use as a contrast for their intricate designs.

Those who specialize in blackout tattoos often use social media to display their artwork and designs.

While some of the blackout tattoos feature detailed designs of innocuous items, other designs showcase Gothic and dark symbols, such as skulls and skeletons. The thing about solid black blackout tattoos is that the ink tends to be dark enough to cover up any tattoos that rest beneath them that the wearer wants to completely cover up.
Some of the blackout tattoos show an entire blackout full sleeve, which is a tattoo that runs the entire length of an arm, as opposed to a half sleeve, which covers only half the arm. Certain blackout tattoos show plenty of black ink that has what appears to be carved out designs within the black ink.

The reactions to the blackout tattoos on social media are varied, depending on the person's view of tattoos. While some leave comments on the photos asking what the blackout tattoos are all about, others leave approving comments and emojis of thumbs-up reactions.

Some blackout tattoos feature seriously heavy and dark black ink, which is solid in nature. Others feature black ink that fades away, sort of like a shaded art design that's not completely black. With so much black ink used in the blackout tattoos, those who wear them might discover they have to have their blackout tattoos touched up over time due to fading.

One thing the blackout tattoos prove is that plenty of them are striking tattoos to behold.

[AP Photo]