'RHOA' Part 2: Rumors Of 'One-Eyed African,' Peter Thomas Cheating With Waitresses [Spoilers]

On Sunday evening, RHOA began trending on Twitter, as usual. That's because Sunday night is Real Housewives of Atlanta night, and this most recent episode featured the second part of the show's reunion. As reported by The Inquisitr, Porsha Williams accused Kenya Moore of messing around with a "one-eyed African" man who is married and a preacher.

The RHOA barbs flew back and forth across the reunion stage, with Kenya speaking openly about the hurt she experienced from a mother who rejected Moore.

Porsha also had sharp words for Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas, as reported by TMZ, with the two of them basically living separate lives. Peter claimed that he and Cynthia simply spend time apart because they are both running businesses that require them to be in other cities. Just like a man who would spend six months away from his wife because he's in the military, Peter reckoned that his time away from Cynthia was no big deal.

However, Peter only returns to their Atlanta home once in a good while. Peter spends time in Charlotte running his "SportsOne" bar. However, Porsha charged that Charlotte was the location where Peter did his messing around. Williams claimed that Peter was messing around with his workers, when Porsha asked Cynthia to ask her husband how his waitresses were being paid. Williams claimed that Peter was paying his waitresses in "penis."

Peter kept challenging Porsha to list all the women that she claimed he was sleeping with. Williams said that she didn't even have to read the blogs to determine Peter's alleged dalliances -- but said that she could walk up to any 19-year-old girl in Atlanta and learn about Peter's reputation for allegedly being an unfaithful husband to Cynthia. Porsha claimed that Peter's reputation followed him around Atlanta.

Despite all of the accusations, Peter still kissed Cynthia after appearing for the initial segment on the two-part reunion show. Cynthia said that she didn't think Peter was doing anything too bad on camera in regards to the infamous cellphone video that showed Thomas getting close with another woman. Cynthia said that if she thought Peter was going to mess around, he'd be more discreet than to do it in front of customers.

Peter's alleged philandering brought responses from Twitter fans that Cynthia should leave Peter.

Meanwhile, Peter said that his marriage might survive if Cynthia wasn't on RHOA anymore, because of the way the reality show exposed marital drama and secrets. While there hasn't been any official divorce or separation papers filed yet, the reunion show seemed to feature Cynthia and Peter drifting apart.
Meanwhile, on social media, folks are reacting to the jumpsuit NeNe Leakes wore, as she showed up at the end of the part two reunion show. The jumpsuit is a lace number that featured NeNe serving "body" as she came onto the set and modeled it for the cast and crew.

Snippets from next week's RHOA episode, which will be part three of the reunion and feature more male members of the cast, were played. Kim Fields gets angry at Kenya for insinuating that her husband Chris is gay and on the "down low," with people calling him "Chrissy." Fields argued that Kenya used her acting experience to place false claims on Kim's husband.

Todd Tucker will go up against Phaedra Parks, who will accuse Todd of being one of the guys running around with her estranged husband, Apollo Nida, before Apollo went to prison. Todd will clap back at Parks, asking her how she knows so much about what's going in Todd's life if she didn't know what was going on under her own nose.


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