Goodbye Mic, Hello Angelo – Mum’s The Word For Adele

British newspapers reported this weekend that Adele could be hanging up her microphone in favor of motherhood. Adele, whose huge hit, Hello, topped the charts in 2015, has been said to have told friends she’s planning to take a five year break to spend more time mothering her three year old son Angelo. This is not the first time she has left the limelight, taking a break in 2012 after the birth of Angelo, following the tremendous success of her album 21, which topped the global charts in 2011 and 2012. It was after this break that she returned with material for her latest album, 25, featuring Hello.

“I’m sorry it took so long, but you know, life happened.”

In a note on her Facebook page, she said, ‘25 is about getting to know who I’ve become without realizing.’

If you were expecting another heart wrenching breakup album, you would have been sorely mistaken.

“My last record was a break-up record and if I had to label this one, I would call it a make-up record,” she wrote. “I’m making up with myself. Making up for lost time. Making up for everything I ever did and never did. But I haven’t got time to hold on to the crumbs of my past like I used to. What’s done is done.”

The album went to number one in 25 countries and ended 2015 as the year’s best selling album. According to Forbes, the album, being her third, sold more than 15 million copies, with the United States accounting for eight million of these sales. With numbers like these, her network is estimated at around $75 million.

Along with her musical success has come the opportunity to vocalize her feelings on a number of, at times, contentious topics. At her London gig at the O2 Arena, in response to Jamie Oliver’s breastfeeding campaign, she made no bones about her feelings on the matter.

“Do you know what? The pressure on us is f***ing ridiculous and all those people who put pressure on us can go f*** yourselves. Right.”

She previously revealed that she had struggled to breastfeed for nine weeks, saying “some of us can’t do it.” At the same show, she condemned the Belgian terrorist attacks.

“Let’s make enough noise so they can hear us from here, right? We’re all here for the same reason,” she said.

“I’m hoping you’ve all come to be entertained by me. I’m here to entertain you, so we’re all united, so that makes us much better than them f***ers. You’re on your own, you f***ers.”

Another thing she strongly objected to was her music being used in controversial political campaigns. When she discovered Donald Trump had been using parts of Rollin’ In The Deep to promote his political campaign, she immediately asked him to refrain. A representative of the singer stated that no permission had been granted for her music to be used “for any political campaigning,” insinuating that she did not want to be associated with the candidate.

Her five year break is set to start after completion of her 104 performance world tour in 44 venues, that kicked off in Belfast, Northern Ireland on February 29, 2016, and ends in November.

Who knows what’s in stall for her fans after this break. She came off her last break with instant success. At her Belfast gig she hinted at the possibility of another single before the end of the year, telling the crowd “There may be a new song towards the end of the shows, I haven’t written anything yet, though!”

[Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]