Belgian Extremist Turned ISIS Chief Executioner Says Brussels Attack 'Just A Taste' Of What Is To Come [Video]

Tara West

A chief executioner for the Islamic State from Belgium, Hicham Chaib, was featured in a disturbing new terror group video, in which he warns the West that the terror isn't over. Chaib claims that the Brussels attack was "just a taste" of what is to come. Chaib is responsible for a number of gruesome crucifixions, executions, and amputations in the name of the Islamic State, and was once an extremist in Belgium until he fled to Syria.

The Daily Mail reports that Hicham Chaib was featured in a new Islamic State video which appears to have been taken in the terrorist group's self-proclaimed capital city of Raqqa. In the video, Chaib denounces the West and says that the Brussels terror attack was "just a taste" of what is to come in "the heart" of Belgium. The chief executioner seems to indicate that the Islamic State has plans to continue an attack on Belgium before moving onto its allies.

"As long as you bombard our Muslims with F-16s, we will kill your people."

At the end of the video (which is not included in the video above due to the graphic nature), Hicham is seen executing an ISIS prisoner by shooting him in the head as he kneels. With the video itself is disturbing, so is the history of Hicham Chaib. The chief executioner for the terror group once lived in Belgium and was a leader in the extremist group Sharia4Belgium. The radical Islamist group was officially declared a terror organization by a judge who found 45 members guilty of terror-related offenses last February.

However, by the time the group went to trial, Chaib was already in Syria with his wife, having pledged himself to the Islamic State's cause. Chaib made the move to Syria after he served a short stint as the leader of Sharia4Belgium as the official leader was serving a two year sentence for "incitement of hatred towards non-Muslims" in Antwerp in 2012. A year later Chaib fled Belgium, and the rest is history.

"With Chaib being arguably the most prominent Belgian figure in ISIS during its rapid expansion last year, there have been suggestions he is largely responsible for the fact Belgium has seen more nationals join ISIS' ranks than any other Western country."
"At the same plant where these jihadists once worked, an individual who has yet to be identified walked into the reactor No. 4 in 2014, turned a valve and drained 65,000 liters of oil used to lubricate the turbines. The ensuing friction nearly overheated the machinery, forcing it to be shut down. The damage was so severe that the reactor was out of commission for five months."