WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle Wants A WWE Return Soon And Has A New ‘Team Angle’ In Mind

For many years now, there has been talk of Kurt Angle leaving TNA and making a return to WWE for one final big run before he retires. It still hasn’t happened, and now Angle is taking a year off to get his head straight and heal up all his lingering injuries. Still, he hasn’t stopped talking about making a comeback to WWE. Now, he even has plans for a new Team Angle upon his return and he has just the guys in mind for it.

Rumors of Kurt Angle heading back to WWE in time for WrestleMania 32 were some of the most recent discussions. Obviously, that also did not happen.

Angle is indeed taking time away from the major wrestling promotions such as TNA and WWE, and it’s not known where he will show up once he’s ready to return. Word has been that WWE actually distanced themselves from Angle due to the numerous DUI charges he has had in the past few years, but there’s always a chance.

Kurt Angle does have hopes of going back to WWE one more time before his wrestling career is over, and in a recent interview with The World According to Wrestling, he discussed that. He said that he knows that “there will be a time when he will go back” to working for Vince McMahon.

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Angle knows that he has dealt with a lot of demons in the past, and that has hurt him. His DUIs and his alleged addiction to painkillers have been problems that have not only halted his career, but the choices he’d like to have available to him.

The last time Kurt Angle was in WWE was in early 2006 and that was when he signed and started with TNA. Over the years, he also spent a bit of time in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but he’s still reportedly ready to keep wrestling and having another run in WWE.

During his time in WWE, Angle had a lot of success, but one of his most memorable times was when he was the leader of Team Angle. Partnering up with The World’s Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas), they were a small stable but an extremely strong and successful one.

wwe rumors kurt angle return team angle american alpha chad gable jason jordan new
As reported by Cageside Seats, Angle has ideas and plans for when he makes a WWE return and it is for a new Team Angle. He already knows who he would like to team with and that would be American Alpha from NXT.

“For me to go back and, if I do go back I’d love to be able to wrestle, but I know I can’t do it full time. I’m 47-years-old. And that’s why those guys [Chad Gable & Jason Jordan] would be perfect as my team, like a Team Angle, because they could do the wrestling for me until the big one comes. So it would be kind of cool to have that. I’m not going to say those guys are going to be my guys, but they’re almost ready to come up – if not they are ready. I’ve watched them wrestle and they’re really good. It would be really cool to have a new Team Angle. I could do the big matches; the Summerslams and the Wrestlemanias. I think that would be a good mix. And it would also give them a great rub, a rub that they need. We’ll see if we do something like that, I don’t know if it’s on the cards, but you never know.”

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are really a great up-and-coming tag team in NXT, and it’s only a matter of time until they are called up to the WWE main roster. It also helps that their team is known as American Alpha and they wear ring attire in the colors of red, white and blue.

Their next big step is that they will face off with The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Titles at NXT Takeover: Dallas on Friday.

Kurt Angle is 47-years-old and keeping himself in great shape for one more big run in one of the major wrestling promotions. He does want this time to himself though, and will likely be out through the end of 2016. When he’s ready to get back in the ring full-time, though, it may very well be with WWE and with a brand new Team Angle.

[Image via TNA]