Woman Pranks Husband With Easter ‘Guinness Hunt’ On Good Friday

Reportedly in Ireland, Good Friday is the only day of the year where it is impossible to buy a drink. A woman in Dublin decided to prank her stout-loving husband by making him a Guinness hunt in their yard, instead of the traditional Easter egg hunt.

Susan Duffy discovered that her husband, Hugh – knowing he would not be able to pop out to the local pub – had stocked up a whole pile of Guinness cans in readiness for what could have been a dry Good Friday. In what could be considered an evil move, Susan came up with a brilliant and hilarious idea.

Knowing he would not easily be able to pop out to the local store or pub to stock up on more, Susan Duffy grabbed the cans of Guinness and headed out into their yard. She then proceeded to hide the cans in all kinds of out of the way spots in an adult version of the famous and popular Easter egg hunt the kids enjoy so much each year.

According to the Daily Edge, the amusing story unfolded on the social media after Paul Mahon, a friend of the Guinness-deprived husband, posted a photo of a text his friend had received from Susan to the Oh My God What A Complete Aisling Facebook page.

The text read: “As it’s Good Friday, I thought I’d have a can of Guinness hunt for dad and hide all his cans around the garden!”

“He’s out there with his little basket now.”

As reported by the Irish Mirror, the image included in the tweet above features poor Hugh Duffy searching around the yard for more cans of the Guinness stout, with a collection of those cans he has already found stored in “his little basket.”

Since the post was made on Facebook on March 25, it has started to go viral, with 1,600 likes and 530 shares at the time of writing. Judging from the comments on the image, social media users found the prank very funny and many commented that they would do the same with the man in their house.

When asked in a comment what the reference to “Shoulders Brown” means in the image, Duffy’s brother, Ger, explained it is his nickname for Hugh. “He’s got big shoulders and all his freckles join together.”

The Daily Edge suggests it might be time to make the Guinness hunt an annual tradition.

In other, rather more normal, Easter news on the Inquisitr, it seems the popular tradition of the Easter egg hunt has gone a little more hi-tech recently. Kids in Johnson County, Kansas, got to use GPS devices to track down their tasty chocolate treats this year, instead of the normal “Amazing Race” type Easter egg hunt.

While the GPS devices only tracked the eggs to within a 20-foot radius of the cache, it did give the kids a little more advantage than normal in their search and reportedly the idea went down really well.

Meanwhile, in St. Charles County, Missouri, members of the local police bomb squad gave blind children a treat by making it easier for them to find the Easter eggs by setting up beepers on the hidden chocolate loot. As the child got near to the treat, a beep sounded, making it much easier to track down the eggs.

Reportedly the bomb squad has been doing this for some years, but this was the first time they were able to be present and see the results of their efforts.

Possibly both methods could be well utilized in a can of Guinness hunt, too.

[Photo via Flickr by Paul David | Cropped and Resized | CC BY-ND 2.0]