White Genocide Conspiracies Destroy Chance Of Preventing White Genocide In South Africa

As white genocide groups in the United States use the Trump candidacy to push conspiracy theories about white genocide in the U.S., it takes the focus off white genocide in South Africa. Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch has said that white genocide in South Africa is a real possibility, and currently South Africa sits at Stage 6 on an eight stage scale. At Stage 6, the country that is in jeopardy of genocide is in the preparation stages.

Inverse reports that white supremacist groups in the United States are using presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign to further their agenda. Their premise is that white genocide is taking place in the United States. They point to programs like affirmative action that give black citizens an edge in the marketplace as well as in college recruiting. La Salle University Sociology Professor Charles Gallagher says that what is happening in the United States doesn’t meet the definition of genocide.

“Genocide is defined as the deliberate, systematic and coordinated killing or destruction of a people based on some particular social or physical characteristic. This simply does not apply to whites in the United States.”

From 1978 to 1999, mortality for whites in America fell annually by about two percent. Then, in 1999, that changed. The United States became on par with the rest of the industrialized nations in the world for mortality rates. After 1998, though, mortality rates among whites began to rise. In a study published in the Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in 2015, Princeton sociologists Panne Case and Angus Deaton wrote the additional deaths point to a crisis, to something else.

“If the white mortality rate for ages 45-54 had held at their 1998 value, 96,000 deaths would have been avoided from 1999 – 2013. If it had continued to decline at its previous (1979-1998) rate, half a million deaths would have been avoided in the period 1999-2013, comparable to lives lost in the U.S. AIDS epidemic through mid-2015.”

Sociologists are continuing to look into the phenomena, and they have discovered it isn’t white genocide at all. They have labeled them despair deaths. Researchers have posited that white males now suffer from higher levels of depression than in previous periods.

As previously reported in Inquisitr, the Penny Sparrow scandal points to the hypocrisy in South Africa because the South African government focuses on racist remarks made by whites while continuing to ignore racist remarks made against whites. Furthermore, whites are now excluded from the job market and farm murders, as well as murder in South Africa, is at an all-time high. Most of the farmers who have been murdered are white and the South African police refuse to label the crimes as anything more than robberies in spite of the fact that little is taken. The crimes are often brutal, and rape and murder are frequently involved.

Polizette reported that a Black Lives Matter protester called for white students to commit suicide to atone for their white privilege. The exchange took place at a debate at Harvard in 2012. Pro-genocide debaters, Damiyr Davis and Miguel Feliciano, are award-winning debaters who studied at West Georgia University.

Although crime in the United States is a problem, it does not point to white genocide. Whites in America are not being systematically targeted specifically for extermination the way they are being targeted in South Africa. It is important to understand that genocide is a real threat to white South Africans, and white genocide conspiracy theories in the U.S. take the focus off those who genuinely need help.

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]