Chris Christie’s Used Shorts Sell For $380 On eBay

The last time New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made a lot of buzz online and was the subject of plenty of memes was when Christie sported a troubled look as he stood behind Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. As seen in the above photo, Chris didn’t look too happy to stand behind Trump on Super Tuesday. The duo stood in the White and Gold Ballroom at The Mar-A-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, on Tuesday, March 1. However, it’s the fact that Christie’s used gym shorts sold for $380 on eBay that’s making news on Saturday, March 26.

Chris had his gym shorts listed on eBay, and perhaps not so surprisingly, someone just invested $380 to purchase Christie’s autographed gym shorts, with the listing now appearing as sold on eBay. The gym shorts from Christie were listed as used, and the Reebok gym shorts took up two hangers to display.

The eBay entry titled “NJ Governor Chris Christie’s Big Gym Shorts Signed And Autographed” shows that a seller under the eBay name of jackrose104 sold the shorts. The eBay sale ended on March 26, at 6:11 p.m., when the winning bid of $380 beat out 32 bids from other would-be buyers of the shorts from Christie.

With $6.85 for economy shipping, the shorts from Christie — shipping out of Harrington Park, New Jersey — should make it to the buyer’s house within five business days.

Chris christie shorts
[Image via eBay]

The inspirational message on the signed pair of shorts reads, “Stay in Shape. Best Wishes, Chris Christie, Gov. NJ.” It’s a message reminding the buyer to not allow themselves to fit into the pair of shorts. The interesting part about the eBay description of the gym shorts proves that they come with an enormous waist size of about 60 inches in circumference.

They also may have never actually been worn by Christie, but they are still listed as a used item — shorts that were gleaned from a raffle.

“Up for auction and fresh out of a NJ estate of a former employee of Chris Christie is a dark blue, heavy cotton gym shorts. Waist size roughly 60 inches. These shorts were won at a fundraising auction by the Governor at the beginning of his term.. Chris Christie raffled off the shorts and signed them at the event. The pants say ‘stay in shape best wishes Chris Christie Gov. NJ. ‘ the former owner of the pants is willing to sell them because he is disillusioned about the Situation involving Christie and Trump. We cannot guarantee that the shorts were ever worn by the owner, they probably were, but no film footage, but if not satisfied we will give your money back. Once in a lifetime chance to own something unique, soon the whole crazy mess will be over.”

The bidding war began with a price of $175 for the Christie shorts back on March 19, and steadily rose to $190, then to the $200 amounts until the winning bid hit $380 on March 26. With Christie’s name in the press even more these days, it was likely the ideal time for the shorts to be placed on eBay for sale.

The anonymous person who placed the winning bid on Christie’s shorts had bid on the shorts nine times, and appears to be an active eBay bidder.

The fact that Christie’s shorts sold on eBay, as reported by, is bringing plenty of reaction online.

“Stay in shape? Size 60 waist? I’m so confused….”

“Jeepers!!!! What was the waist size BEFORE the New Jersey Paid for Lap band surgery?”

“I read The Donald bid and won on them to keep CC even closer to his rear!”

[AP Photo/Andrew Harnik]