Luke Bryan Storms Off Upset After Epic Prank Pulled On Him

Luke Bryan has always seemed like someone that could take a joke, but a recent prank played on the country singer really upset him. TMZ is revealing that a planned prank on Luke Bryan didn’t go as planned at all. Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady are two famous YouTubers and they were actually flown down to Panama City to play a prank on Luke. They said that when they got there, Luke Bryan was a bit intoxicated and things did not go as planned for them.

When they got there, Roman and Dennis were supposed to act like Luke Bryan super fans. They actually did this, but things didn’t go as planned. They actually spoke out on a podcast called Allegedly and shared what happened when they met Luke Bryan.

This all went down during spring break and they were in line with sorority girls to meet Luke Bryan. They actually got the chance to talk to Luke on their own, but they gave him a bit of a hard time and Bryan was not happy about it at all from their version of the story. They were playing two guys super excited to meet Luke Bryan and the company set them up for this one-on-one.

They shared that Luke Bryan was “wasted.” One of them started to name of random songs that Luke Bryan doesn’t sing, such as “The Thunder Rolls” and tell him how much they loved it. Luke Bryan actually stormed off from the interview so mad that he wouldn’t let them use what went down. Luke didn’t even sign a release for it, but you have to wonder what he thinks about it hearing it all now.

Luke Bryan is a married man, but they even asked him if he had ever hooked up with Dolly Parton. It was all meant to be in fun, but it sounds like Luke didn’t take it that way. His production even paid for them to fly down and stay in a hotel, but the production didn’t think they would go that hard on Luke Bryan. They even said they took it too far. They do feel like if Luke had been sober he would have taken it better, but then he had to go perform 10 minutes later.

They are pretty sure that their company did apologize to Luke Bryan, but these two guys never personally spoke to him. Everyone would love to hear Luke’s version of this story and maybe now he will laugh it off and speak out.

Luke Bryan is about to host the ACM Awards with Dierks Bentley by his side. Rolling Stone shared what these two had to say about them being together on the show. Dierks is actually replacing Blake Shelton on the show and this will be his first time to help out. Luke teased that Dierks shouldn’t take any advice from Blake and then Dierks went on to explain they are kind of like the head bartenders on the show.

“I see us as sort of being the head bartender. You’re the host of the party, and it’s more fun to hang out with a bartender who takes a shot or two with you when you’re in the bar. You don’t want to have a sober bartender, that’s no fun.”

Are you shocked to hear that Luke Bryan didn’t take this prank very well? Do you think that Luke will share his own version of the story soon? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]