WWE Rumors: Major Change Made To Title Match At ‘WrestleMania 32’ — Huge Surprise Planned

Each and every year, it is typical for all of the title belts in WWE to be defended at the biggest wrestling event on the calendar. That won’t be the case for WrestleMania 32 as a major change has now been made to one of the title matches on the card and taken the defense out of things. Even though it was once billed as being for the WWE Tag Team Titles, they will no longer be up for grabs when The New Day faces the League of Nations., but a huge surprise is in store.

Just about two weeks ago, the League of Nations challenged The New Day to a match at WrestleMania 32. It wasn’t known which two members of the stable were going to take on which two members of The New Day, but apparently, everyone is taking part in the match after Kofi Kingston and company accepted the challenge.

Shortly after that, it was revealed that the match was not going to be one where the teams needed to select certain participants. WWE was going to have a handicap match for WWE Tag Team Titles where all members of The New Day took on all members of the League of Nations.

Well, things have changed. Even though it was originally stated on Twitter that the match would be for the titles, they are no longer advertised as such. The WWE website is now reporting that the titles are not on the line, but it is actually a “Battle For Supremacy.”

wwe rumors wwe tag team title match wrestlemania 32 the new day league of nations surprise
[Image via WWE]

It’s weird that the WWE Tag Team Titles aren’t on the line, even though the match is a handicap bout. The description on the WWE website doesn’t say a thing about them, but only talks about how the two teams are looking to win to be the better faction/team.

“Which team will assert itself as WWE’s prime stable? Can The New Day — backed by Francesca 2 and bolstered by Booty-O’s — overcome The League of Nations? Or will the ever-powerful team League make The New Day pay dearly yet again?”

Now, the description on the WWE website also talks about how the League of Nations keep on overpowering The New Day in 4-to-3 muggings. Yes, Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods are winning the matches, but Rusev, Sheamus, King Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio are winning in the overall brawl.

That’s where things begin to get a little interesting.

WWE revealed that The New Day will be inducting The Fabulous Freebirds into the WWE Hall of Fame with the class of 2016. No one was quite sure why they are inducting the legendary team, but Wrestling News Source reports that it is to help solidify The New Day as full-on babyfaces.

wwe rumors wwe tag team title match wrestlemania 32 the new day league of nations surprise fabulous freebirds
[Image via WWE]

Its also been revealed that Michael “P.S.” Hayes is a big fan of The New Day, and he is more than happy to have them induct the Freebirds.

With The New Day down one man, wouldn’t it be an interesting scenario if the WWE Tag Team champions came out to the ring and gave a promo stating they had found a fourth? Why not introduce a partner that knows a bit of something about tag team wrestling — Michael “P.S.” Hayes.

Maybe the 56-year-old won’t be able to do a lot in the ring, but it would be a pretty great moment and really have The New Day complete their babyface turn.

Taking the WWE Tag Team Titles off of the line is a really strange move by WWE, but they could be planning something bigger for WrestleMania 32. The New Day and the League of Nations will clash in a week for team supremacy, but there could be a Fabulous Freebirds influence as well.

[Image via WWE]