Fifth Harmony's 'Worth It' And Why They've Dubbed Their New Album Its Successor

If you're like most of the world, you've already caught Fifth Harmony fever. The girl group, which is famous for well-known jams like "Worth It," "Bo$$," and "Work From Home," took some time recently to explain how their new album 7/27 follows in the footsteps of their earlier style. If you're currently rocking out to the sassy dance beats of "Worth It," you'll find yourself in good company should you choose to grab Fifth Harmony's second album when it drops on May 20 of this year.

Idolator quoted Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello on the reasons Fifth Harmony chose to stick to the musical styles of previous hits on their new album.

"I feel like in [2015 debut] Reflection we explored with that 808 and kind of like urban beat as a backbone, like the one you hear in 'Bo$$' and 'Worth It' and now 'Work From Home.' So I feel like that kind of represented us as a group really well. And so we kind of explored that more and more in this album."
Most of the songs off Fifth Harmony's first album had a similar feel to them, flirting between pure, distilled pop and crisp, loud dance melodies. Reflection definitely had a strong lyrical theme of empowering and supporting females as well, and that theme will likely show up in 7/27 as well. Lyrically, "Work From Home" (off of their second album) already plays on similar themes from songs like "Bo$$" and "Worth It," including a faint hint of suggestiveness as well as allusions to "work" as a euphemism. Interestingly enough, "Bo$$" is very clearly a song about females in charge, while "Work From Home" paints the ladies as supportive of their partner rather than dominating.
If you can't get enough of the girls and don't want to wait for their new album, you can always check them out on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where they were invited to perform last night. Even though there are stylistic similarities between 7/27 and older Fifth Harmony songs, the girls have of course evolved as people and artists since Reflection first came out. Member Dinah Jane Hansen told Billboard the album (named after the date Fifth Harmony formed) is more edgy, and added that she and her bandmates had more of a say in the album's production this time.

It is true that Reflection has a more "fun," almost playful feel to some of its songs (especially the title song), whereas "Work From Home" feels more suggestive and adult-themed. The song "Top Down" from Fifth Harmony's debut album, for instance, is a catchy tune about driving through a city with a roofless car, and has a jaunty melody that stirs up feelings of blasting your favorite song in a car and jamming out while driving. It's clear to see that Reflection is written from the viewpoint of five teenage girls, while the tone of 7/27 speaks from the perspective of five young women.

Fifth Harmony on the Elvis Duran Morning Show on Z100 on February 16, 2016. [Image Via Mike Coppola, Getty Images]
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One way Fifth Harmony's "greater say" will factor into their next album is that several songs will be written by the fearless fivesome, whereas the group took more of a backseat on writing songs for Reflection. At least one or possibly more songs on the new album will also be penned by singer-songwriter Tinashe. "Work From Home" and "The Life" are currently available as singles from 7/27 now, and can be downloaded via iTunes as well as the Google Play Store.

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