Rob Kardashian ‘Cheat Days’ Only For A Reason

For Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna has been nearly all good news. Chyna has been there for Rob when his family were critical, she’s helped Rob’s weight loss and fitness program, and it may even be because of Chyna that Rob’s diabetes appears to be under control. So why would Kardashian want to cheat?

The answer is, he doesn’t of course. When Rob talks about cheating, he doesn’t mean he’s two-timing his girlfriend. For the only fat Kardashian, cheating means eating something that’s not on the weight loss diet Rob agreed to with Chyna.

A TMZ photographer tried to get Rob to answer questions about Blac’s pregnancy rumors, the Kardashian family, and other things, but the only topic important enough to Rob to actually make him open up was food. Being fat was a heavy “weight” for him to bear, and he’ll talk about weight loss all day!

Gossip site Perez Hilton reports that Rob, dressed in his standard white T-shirt and black shorts at LAX, no longer looks fat, and even looks “slimmer every time we see him.” According to E! Online, since Rob’s been with Chyna, he’s been “looking the best he has in years” and “flaunting his impressive weight loss” that he achieved through Blac’s intervention and support. Even Kris Jenner has noticed that he appears to be much happier and healthier than he was just a few fat months ago, when he was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with diabetes.

A source close to the Kardashian family said that, despite reports of the Kardashian and Jenner family dissing Blac, with sisters Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian even getting more than a little mean in their attitude towards Chyna, the family is actually very appreciative. They don’t want to see a fat Rob again and watch him forego all that weight loss work and mood improvement.

“They haven’t seen Rob come out of his shell like this in years. The family is very grateful for Blac’s help with giving Rob confidence again and putting his health and fitness first.”

When someone has worked as hard as Kardashian has to put a smile on his face and pursue the weight loss goal, it’s to be hoped that he won’t throw it all away just for the taste of a few fat fries. Recently, Rob’s been caught more than once indulging and eating big taboos like fast food. Fans want to know why he’d want to risk getting fat again, especially when he has Chyna there to help him. After all, losing the new fitness and (almost) hot bod could mean the loss of Blac too!

Earlier this week, X17 Online reported that the no longer fat Rob stopped by a favorite food haunt to grab not one, but six burgers at the In-N-Out. From the way Blac has been keeping such a close eye on Rob’s weight loss, you’d think she would have stopped him before the first burger went down.

But it seems Blac had other plans. In fact, Chyna joined Rob in the chow down and scarfed a few burgers herself. And that might have added some fuel to the rumors reported by Radar Online that Blac Chyna is pregnant and possibly gaining visible weight already.

But Rob and Blac were cheating for a “good reason.” They explained that it all had to do with the day he turned 29, his first birthday celebrated with Chyna.

“It’s my birthday so we do a lot of cheat days!”

[Photo by John Misa/MediaPunch/MediaPunch/IPx]