Ashton Kutcher On Why He No Longer Shares His Private Life On Social Media

When Twitter first launched, Ashton Kutcher was one of the more prominent figures in Hollywood promoting the app. He was posting messages back and forth to then wife Demi Moore, and giving his fan base a real, up-close visual of what his life was like on an every day basis.

Now, almost seven years after he became the first Twitter user to hit a million Twitter followers, Kutcher says he was wrong about his initial strategy, and would much rather keep his private life private.

In an interview with Parade, he said,

“At one point I thought, ‘Heck, if I share things first and I have control what it is that I’m sharing, maybe it’ll devalue the tabloid story fodder.”

Kutcher continued, “Ultimately, that came to be something that was untrue. Now the things that I share on social media are stories that inspire ideas, that connect people, that educate people.”

Instead of posting personal selfies from his home, Kutcher has done an about-face and now chooses to treat Twitter in the way many celebrities do. Kutcher users Twitter as a tool to promote his brands, and not his lifestyle.

Kutcher, who has become a prominent figure in the start-up community as an angel investor, has his hand in a lot of apps and general digital media. He’s currently an investor in Airbnb, Flipboard, Dailybooth, Foursquare, Hipmunk, SeatGeek, Skype — just to name a few.

Ashton also started his own media company called Aplus, and instead of pushing negative stories, the company highlights inspiring and positive stories for a nice viral push. Business Insider profiled the company’s inception which happened “in [Kutcher’s] living room as an experiment of combining technology with the power of social media to drive additional views of impactful, socially relevant, and sometimes just light-hearted stories throughout the world.”

So far his company has been very successful. So, Kutcher’s instincts in promoting his brands on Twitter have been spot on.

A huge part of why Kutcher doesn’t want to share his life is because since he divorced Moore, he married Mila Kunis, and together they have a daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, who has changed his entire life, according to the That 70’s Show star.

“[Having a child] takes whatever table you’re sitting at, flips it upside down and switches all your priorities around. It’s unexplainable. I have a new number-one priority. Only parents understand the absolute awe of parenthood.”

Although he’s quiet on social media, he does leave a few stories to dish out as a father. As the Inquisitr reported, Ashton gushed to Ellen DeGeneres on how Wyatt is becoming obsessed with wheels.

He also told DeGeneres that wife Mila Kunis taught Wyatt how to do the popular hip-hop “whip and nae nae” dance.

“She likes to whip and nae nae, too. She does! I think she thinks she’s doing it… because it’s whippin’ and nae-nae-ing. Mama taught her that.”

Kutcher also told the host how much of her first year, he and Mila were trying to steer her away from accidentally injuring herself.

“The first year you spend just trying to keep them alive, and then after that you hit a point where your job is to keep them from killing themselves. You think that they would come with instincts around fire and large falls and they don’t. I don’t understand how prehistoric man lived.”

As it stands right now, the only social media post about Wyatt was shot to only show her from the back, as to disguise her face. The photo was to promote his charity work with Thorn, a “tech innovation to fight child trafficking.”

[Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images]