‘Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: JoJo Fletcher Talks Chemistry With Guys As Epic, Dramatic Group Date Gets Wild

JoJo Fletcher is looking for love on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season, and fans are anxious to know how things are going. Filming recently got started, and the new season will premiere on May 23. Reality Steve’s spoilers are dishing out plenty of details already, and Fletcher herself is talking a bit about how things are going. What are the latest Bachelorette spoilers about how things are going so far for JoJo?

The new season won’t be done filming until early May, but Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that there have been some wild moments already. His Bachelorette spoilers indicate that JoJo’s latest group date was one of the wildest the show has ever put together, and it will be interesting to see how it is edited for television.

The Bachelorette spoilers indicate that this group date for Fletcher and a handful of her bachelors was set up as something of a Vagina Monologues-type of an event. JoJo and the guys all shared pretty personal stories about previous encounters they have had in front of an audience, and Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that things got pretty juicy.

Show creator Mike Fleiss and the producers have teased that Fletcher has now had the “most dramatic – ever!” group date, and it seems he is referring to this one. Of course, JoJo has had her fair share of individual dates at this point as well, and she is seemingly hitting it off with several of the bachelors in the mix of Season 12. The Bachelorette spoilers have teased that she has had some great kisses with various bachelors, and viewers can’t wait to see the sparks fly.

JoJo chatted with Good Morning America and said that she is having fun and definitely connecting with her suitors. Fletcher also admitted that she’s experiencing some strong feelings already, something that she did not necessarily suspect. It will be some time yet before Bachelorette spoilers pin down just which guy will end up with the final rose, but she says she is motivated to find true love.

This Bachelorette star says, “I want to be engaged. I want marriage. I want a family, so I feel like this could happen right now.”

While JoJo was blindsided at the final rose ceremony with Ben Higgins, she insists she is ready to find the right guy for her, and she says she’s looking for someone who makes her feel protected and safe and someone she knows she can trust.

Will that guy be in this mix of Season 12 bachelors? Until now, JoJo and the guys have been filming dates in the Los Angeles area, but they are about to start doing some traveling. Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that the next stop is believed to be the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania, and some international locations shouldn’t be too far down the road.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have revealed a handful of the guys vying for Fletcher’s last rose already, including Jordan Rodgers, the brother of Green Bay Packers player Aaron Rodgers. Sources teased Bachelorette spoilers via Us Weekly indicating that JoJo and Jordan have really hit it off, and many figure he is practically guaranteed to get a hometown date. Will there be any familiar faces popping up this spring, other former bachelors who return to the franchise for another shot at finding love?

So far, nothing has seemingly come together on that front, but something of that nature would not necessarily come as a major shock to fans. Bachelor fans were heartbroken for JoJo as Ben Higgins’ season wrapped up, and they are thrilled to see she will be tackling the role of being the Bachelorette lead this spring. Will JoJo Fletcher find love with the man of her dreams as this all plays out? Viewers can’t wait to hear more and see where things head for her.

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