Watch Bernie Sanders Seattle Safeco Field Rally Full Replay: 54,000-Seat Ballpark To ‘Feel The Bern’ Friday

Bernie Sanders finished his all-out effort to win the Washington state caucuses with a massive rally on Friday at Safeco Field in Seattle, one day before voters in that state head to caucuses there with 101 delegates at stake — delegates that Sanders needs to win if he hopes to catch Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and take the party’s presidential nomination. Scroll down the page to see the full replay of the Bernie Sanders Safeco Field rally.

Sanders is expected to perform well in Washington, though no polls have been taken there for nearly a year. The state’s demographics, as well as the fact that Washington holds caucuses rather than a primary, heavily favor the “democratic socialist” senator from Vermont. Sanders has typically turned in his best performances in caucus states, which tend to favor candidates whose supporters have the dedication to attend caucus meetings.

Bernie Sanders Seattle Rally Stream Live Safeco Field
Interior of Safeco Field in Seattle (Photo By Cacaphony/Wikimedia Commons)

Sanders is counting on the dedication of those supporters on Friday as well, as he attempts to stage the biggest rally of his campaign so far, in a 54,000-seat Major League Baseball stadium — just five days after he drew an estimated 10,000 to the 17,000-seat Key Arena in Seattle to hear his “Future To Believe In Speech.” Packing Safeco Field would be a stunning show of support for Sanders, and a major news event in itself.

To find out whether Bernie Sanders filled a stadium with his “Future To Believe In” rally, watch a full replay of the event at Safeco Field in the video below.

Watch a full replay of Bernie Sanders Key Arena speech in Seattle on March 20, delivered in front of 10,000 supporters in the following video.

Last Tuesday, March 22, Sanders had his best day of the campaign — at least since winning the New Hampshire primary in February — when he won caucuses in Utah and Idaho by wide enough margins to partially offset a loss in the Arizona primary, to beat Hillary Clinton on the day by 17 delegates.

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That meant that Sanders took 57 percent of the available pledged delegates on Tuesday — a feat he will need to repeat and even top not only on Saturday when Alaska and Hawaii hold caucuses in addition to Washington, but on every primary or caucus day from now until the end of the campaign.

At Safeco Field in Seattle, Bernie Sanders is playing what could be looked at as a home game. No other city in the country has contributed more money, on a per capita basis, to the Sanders campaign. Bernie Sanders has taken in $145 per every 100 residents in Seattle.

The city is one of the most liberal in the nation. In fact, several of Sanders’ key campaign promises — a $15 minimum wage, paid parental leave and a requirement that companies offer sick leave — have already been put into place on a local level in Seattle.

“Bernie’s very humane approach to politics really resonates with what Seattleites believe in,” said Basilia Brownwell, 64, an active Sanders campaign volunteer in the city. “It taps into Seattleites’ feeling that the world they’re seeing around them is not part of their dream. Bernie speaks their dream.”

The Bernie Sanders rally at Safeco Field in Seattle will be his second of the day. The first will take place in Portland, Oregon. Sanders will speak at about 12:30 p.m. Pacific time and a full replay of that rally can be viewed in the video above.

[Photo By Matt Mills McKnight/Getty Images]