Stephanie Seymour’s Son, Peter Brant, Jr., Arrested In Drunken Airport Tantrum

Peter Brant, Jr., son of former supermodel Stephanie Seymour and billionaire Peter Brant, was arrested at JFK airport yesterday, after trying to board a plane while visibly intoxicated, and then assaulting a police officer. The problem started when Jet Blue employees would not let Brant board the plan because he was drunk, and a tantrum ensued.

According to Us Weekly, Peter Brant, Jr. was trying to fly to Florida, but the party started a bit early, and he showed up at the gate at JFK drunk. A spokesman for the Port Authority Police, Joseph Pentangelo, said that Brant, 22, was “severely intoxicated” and then shoved a cop. The officer was treated for a sprained arm and discharged. Brant was also taken to the hospital and evaluated.

Brant’s mother, Stephanie Seymour, was also arrested in January for a DUI in Greenwich, Connecticut, and Peter Brant, Jr. has also had a previous brush with the law. Philip Russell, referred to in the press as a “young socialite” lawyer, explained that his client was just goofing around, and it went wrong.

“I think it’s fair to say that this incident is something one would expect when spring break hijinks collide with the heightened security in the wake of the Brussels tragedy.”

The New York Daily News says that Brant, a sometimes model, tried to push and shove his way past the officer to get onto his Jet Blue flight to Palm Beach, Florida. Brant is being arraigned on assault and other charges after he is done being evaluated at the hospital. Brant’s lawyer said this kind of behavior is out of character for Brant.

Page Six quoted model Peter Brant, Jr’s lawyer as explaining that his client “is an idiot.” Phillip Russell, appearing for Peter Brant, Jr., was trying to explain his client’s drunken behavior at JFK airport. Thursday, Brant appeared in Kew Gardens court in New York to be arraigned on felony assault charges.

Brant drank before getting to the gate for his Jet Blue flight, and was considered too drunk to board the plane to Florida.

“I only had three drinks,” Brant insisted.

District Attorney Catherine Kane described Brant as being severely intoxicated, though there was no information on his blood alcohol level. It is also reported that in trying to push his way out of the gate, Brant set off emergency alarms.

“The airline refused him passage and called the police. He became very agitated, upset and boisterous about being refused boarding.”

Brant is currently out on bail of $5,000.

The Daily Mail reported that Peter Brant, Jr.’s other brush with the law was a 2014 arrest for marijuana. Brant was caught with marijuana, and got a citation for misdemeanor possession in Brooklyn, New York.

The Daily Mail also said that Stephanie Seymour, Brant’s mother, was arrested in January after driving drunk, and refusing to take a field sobriety test. Seymour was said to “smell like booze” and drove the wrong way through a stop sign, backing into a car.

Though Seymour and Peter Brant are still married, they went through divorce proceedings in 2010, where Brant accused her of being addicted to drugs and alcohol. Seymour went to rehab in 2000 in Connecticut.

Peter Brant, Jr. is facing jail time for his drunken assault at JFK airport. Do you think he will go to jail?

[Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images]