Jimmy Fallon, Ben Affleck Compete For Puppies In True ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Style [Video]

Ben Affleck and Jimmy Fallon recently competed for superheroes on The Tonight Show in a battle for the most DC Comics characters. The twist is that the superheroes are fluffy and adorable, since they were all puppies. The puppies were dressed up as popular characters from recent films and TV shows in the DC universe, and the audience got more than laughs as the battle progressed.

It’s arguable that Ben Affleck and Jimmy Fallon had a more enjoyable battle than DC’s heavy hitters did in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Critics have not been kind to Zack Snyder’s latest entry, which hit theaters today. Many have pointed to the fact that there was just too much going on in the film, making it “overcrowded” and dull. Fans have disagreed, in general, something which doesn’t happen often. Several fan reviews have stated that it was cinematic perfection, and the critics are being too harsh.


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Unlike Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, audiences seem to agree that Ben Affleck and Jimmy Fallon’s superhero battle was much more fun to watch. The segment started with Jimmy’s announcer, Steve Higgins, welcoming us back to The Tonight Show and a game called “Pup Quiz.” As a way of promoting Ben’s film, the premise is that each contestant is asked a trivia question based on animals, and the winner gets a puppy dressed as a DC Comics superhero.

In the film, Affleck plays Batman, an older version who has a problem with Superman’s apparent disregard for public casualties. He decides that the Kryptonian orphan needs to be stopped and readies a heavy-duty suit of armor to replace his older suit. Ironically, he appears to ignore his code of not killing, mostly due to indirect consequences, mirroring the very reason why he has a problem with Superman. Even though fans have panned the film for Batman’s blatant violence, Zack Snyder explained that it was in the style of Frank Miller’s version, where Batman kills people all the time.

Snyder added that some comics fans he worked with wanted a scene where Batman directly shoots a man in the head, but he refused to go that far.

The much less violent segment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon had Ben Affleck facing a similar irony with the first question. He was asked what the name of Batman’s dog was, and the man who last played the role guessed it wrong, earning Jimmy his first puppy, dressed as the dark knight.

The irony continued as Jimmy got the next question wrong, earning Ben a puppy dressed as Superman.

The next round was “double puppardy,” in which the winner gets two puppies. The question was about which non-human species was the first to have a sense of rhythm. Ben once again got the question wrong, earning Jimmy two more puppies dressed as Wonder Woman and The Flash.

Before the next question, the Batman puppy’s mask fell off, and they made a joke about discovering it was Bruce Wayne. The following question was about the most popular dog on Instagram, and Ben Affleck watched as Jimmy Fallon got it right and won two more puppies dressed as Supergirl and Batgirl.

The final round had all of the puppies going to whoever got it right, and it was Ben Affleck.

[Image via The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon/YouTube]