Which ‘Big Bang Theory’ Actor Unwinds With Epsom Salts After The Show? You Might Be Surprised

The cast of The Big Bang Theory tapes on Tuesdays, wrapping up a week’s worth of work and adding to the show’s repertoire of episodes. After more than nine years bringing the show to life, fans might wonder if the cast has any post-taping rituals. Glamour blogger Jessica Radloff sought to find out and discovered cast routines range from eating junk food to taking an “old lady” style bath.

At least that’s how Melissa Rauch describes her after show habit, which unlike that of her co-stars, does not involve alcohol or unhealthy snacks. Apparently, Melissa winds down by getting started on the next week’s show.

“I like to take a bath with Epsom salts like an old lady…while reading the next day’s script, which is really my greatest joy in life.”

Johnny Galecki also highlighted the “getting back to work” aspect, saying the cast is sometimes given the next script without even a congratulatory comment on the show that just wrapped.

Other members of the cast mentioned how energizing tape day can be, and they said they sometimes needed something to help them wind down. Kunal Nayyar socializes with the writers and crew, often over scotch. Jim Parsons heads home and has a “finger” of whiskey to help him sleep. Kaley Cuoco drinks a glass of red wine while cuddling her dogs. Simon Helberg expressed affection for whiskey or rye to go with cold pizza that’s left over on set.

Mayim Bialik unwinds by playing the piano, singing, and writing to get rid of nervous energy so she can sleep. She also celebrates the end of tape day with junk food, like french fries, before unpacking her produce delivery order that normally arrives the same night.

“I go from eating french fries to unloading my kale and my cauliflower.”

Apparently, those healthy habits haven’t prevented Bialik from getting sick on the Big Bang Theory set. Entertainment Tonight reported on Cuoco’s Instagram post earlier this week that showed her, Bialik, and Parsons all wearing sick masks while sitting on the couch on the Big Bang Theory set. Cuoco added a hashtag: #powerthrough.

While the cast is hard at work, fans can look forward to the next new episode, set to air on March 31. Executive producer Steven Molaro recently spilled that Sheldon has a big secret that comes out. At the Paley Center for Media’s PaleyFest earlier this month, there was a screening of the episode, and Molaro gave a bit of a heads up about Sheldon’s reveal.

“We learn something very personal and secretive about Sheldon. He’s not exactly proud of it.”

Molaro also revealed that the writers have an idea for the Season 9 finale, although it may not necessarily be a cliffhanger. Judd Hirsch of Taxi fame has been tapped to play Leonard’s father, and he will appear before the end of this season.

Parsons told Radloff he enjoyed his on-screen union with Bialik this year, saying it made him part of the show’s plot lines in a new way, ways that he’s hoping to revisit.

“I will tell you, my very favorite thing so far has been the after-sex scene with Amy and Sheldon. I just had never had the opportunity to relate to anybody in that kind of way on the show, like a pillow-talk scene. I was like, ‘There’s a whole other way to talk on this show that I didn’t have access to before!’ We haven’t been back in the sack since then, and I’m hoping to get back there.”

New episodes of The Big Bang Theory air Thursday nights at 8 pm on CBS.

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]