Robert Of ’60 Days In’ Did Reality TV Before: Sheriff Upset This Wasn’t Revealed Before Taping

Robert of the show '60 Days In'

Robert Holcomb of the show 60 Days In is having a hard time fitting in at jail. Now it has been revealed that 60 DaysIn was not the first time that Robert was on reality television. Starcasm has revealed that Robert was actually on a show before and the sheriff behind 60 Days In didn’t even know it. Of course, he was not happy when this was revealed.

Robert is actually a school teacher from Philadelphia, but on the show 60 Days In, he has a cover story that is totally different. Sheriff Jamey Noel is the one in charge of the experiment that is 60 DaysIn and he had no idea that Robert was on a reality television show before 60 DaysIn. Robert should have explained this when he applied to be on the show, but he didn’t reveal it.

So what show was Robert on before 60 Days In? He was on TLC’s show Extreme Time Cheater. Sheriff Jamey Noel was not happy at all to hear this news because Robert should have revealed it to him before joining the show.

“I didn’t want someone to come on the show and think it was a show about them. I wanted something that we can learn from and get that feedback.” Robert did admit that he has tried acting in the past, but is not an actor. Here is what he shared on an YouTube video.

“Hi, my name is Mr. Robert — actually it will be Mr. Davis — and this is going to be take number one as my acting coach is out of town. I have not spoken to him in two years but he said he would come over and help guide me through this and help my memory skills and also film it for me. But I just want to send you something regardless of the glare of my glasses to show you I’m interested in this script.”

News and Tribune shared some more of the details of what is going on with Robert on the show 60 DaysIn. So far, Robert has had a problem with trying to keep his story straight. He had a cover story going into the show, but he isn’t always sticking with it. People in the jail are having a bit of trouble deciding if he is really in jail or if he could be a cop that was planted in the jail or something else.

Robert was only on one episode of Extreme Time Cheater, but the show didn’t last more than one episode either. The series 60 DaysIn is scheduled for 12 episodes and has already been renewed for a second season. His episode of the show was not about cheating though. It was about trying to do things faster and save time. Robert actually blended all of his meals together so that he could save 67 minutes a day.

The sheriff shared that he was able to learn some things from Robert’s time in jail on 60 Days In. Even though Robert had some issues in jail, he was able to share some good information with them about the show. Everyone who went in did interviews after the show and shared what they found out inside.

Are you shocked to hear that Robert of 60 Days In was on a reality show before? Do you think that Robert should have told them about it before joining the show? Sound off in the comments and don’t miss new episodes of 60 Days In on Thursdays nights on A&E.

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