Adam Johnson Net Worth: Footballer Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison

English Footballer Adam Johnson has been sentenced to six years in jail for engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl.

According to a source, the former Sunderland star has a net worth of £11.05 million as of May 10, 2015, which certainly decreased with the prosecution process.

The former England international was sentenced at Bradford Crown Court. He showed no any emotion to the decision and sat with his head low after the judge finished speaking.

Johnson was arrested in March 2015 at his £1.5 million home by Durham Police after the girl’s father approached the cops.

Adam has been found was found guilty of being involved in a sexual activity with the schoolgirl. He was involved in kissing and sexually touching the girl in his Range Rover in 2015. The incident came to light when the girl boasted about her relationship with the football star to her internet friends.

Sentencing the ex-Sunderland player, Judge Jonathan Rose told Adam Johnson that he had misused a position of trust and caused his victim “severe psychological harm.”

Footballer sentenced to 6 years in Prison [Photo by Nigel Roddis/Stringer/Getty Images]The judge pointed out that Johnson conducted a serious misuse of his fame. He said that his actions were the abuse of “young teenager’s adoration of a successful celebrity.”

“She had only just turned 15 when you began grooming her, because, as you were to admit, you found her sexually attractive.”

It can now be reported that animal pornography was also found on Johnson’s laptop. However, the police are no longer pursuing the case.

Investigators also discovered internet searches for child teen sex websites. Also, medications used to treat a sexually transmitted disease was also found during a search of his mansion.

The court previously banned this information from being reported, but these orders were lifted after Sky News and other media organisations posed legal challenge following Johnson’s sentence.

Johnson, who had 12 caps for English National football team, had admitted to grooming the girl and one charge of sexual activity, relating to kissing her. But he was also found guilty of sexually touching the girl. However, he was cleared of one charge relating to another sexual act.

The judge said the girl had been a Sunderland fan who would wait after matches to take pictures of her “favourite player.”

The judge noted that it was Johnson’s deliberate decision to get engaged in sexual activity with an underage girl.

“You wanted no one to know that you and she were exchanging messages. You asked her to find a place to meet that was private and secluded so no one would see you in her company.”

The Independent has reported that Johnson has been stripped of 12 England caps and has had to sign the sex offenders register in light of his conviction.

Adam Johnson’s initial decision not to plead guilty caused the victim to go through an accusation of being a liar for almost a year.

The girl admitted that she went through very bad times following the sexual abuse by Johnson. She also said that she had to go through a period of underperformance in the school.

“I have entered many dark places over this 12-month period,” she said.

“Ultimately, it was like I was being taunted as if to say he could do what he wants and get away with it.”

“This case demonstrates that victims of these crimes will be taken seriously and perpetrators will be dealt with robustly,” said detective inspector Aelfwynn Sampson regarding the judge’s verdict.

An NSPCC spokesperson said Johnson’s “horrifying and inexcusable” was aggravated by Johnson’s not-guilty plea, which forced the victim to suffer the experience of providing evidence.

[Photo by Nigel Roddis/Stringer/Getty Images]