‘The Lego Batman Movie’ Trailer: Batman Movie Titles, Mic Drop, Slang, And Beat Boxing?

The first teaser for The Lego Batman Movie was released online this week, and it is exactly what many fans wanted to see!

Keep in mind that the full clip is nearly two minutes long. If you are looking for actual footage from the movie, you will only see about a minute’s worth of that.

However, if you simply want to hear witty punchlines and dialogue voiced by actor Will Arnett as the Dark Knight, your desire will be satisfied with this Lego Batman Movie teaser. If you expect to get a glimpse of the impressive animation and visual effect featured in the highly-anticipated Lego Movie spin-off, you will likely get more than you expected from this relatively short clip.

He uses slang. He beatboxes. He even walks back into the frame after a dramatic exit simply to drop a microphone. Fans of the Lego Movie and the lighthearted Lego Batman video game franchise will more than likely fall in love with the film simply by watching this teaser trailer.

The trailer also speaks volumes about Warner Bros’ overall marketing strategy as well when it comes to shining a spotlight on Batman.

With the theatrical release of Batman v Superman projected to light up the box office this weekend, it was perfect timing for Warner Bros. to release the teaser trailer for The Lego Batman Movie. Essentially, anything related to Batman, Superman, and/or the Justice League is bound to get a major boost this weekend thanks to the prevalence and inevitable success of Batman v Superman.

Perhaps that is why towards the beginning of the Lego Batman Movie teaser, it reminds viewers that the same studio working behind the scenes on this film was also the same studio responsible for most of the other Batman films that have made headlines and become memorable classics in the eyes of fans for decades now.

Co-writers and directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord confirmed that they would essentially pay tribute to the Batman movies of the past in The Lego Batman Movie during an interview in November 2014 with Empire.

“Rest assured that every era of Batman filmmaking will be acknowledged. There have been so many interpretations of Batman and there is so much to play with there… No spoilers, but I will say I think the movie is really exciting because it’s about ‘Can Batman be happy?’”

Actor Will Arnett is reprising his role as Lego Batman (as well as Bruce Wayne) after blowing away fans and critics with his hilarious performance in the box-office hit (and Oscar-nominated film) The Lego Movie.

Quite a few other popular actors and actresses have also been added to the guest list of the Lego Batman party for this spinoff film. For instance, Rosario Dawson (Unstoppable) is Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.

Michael Cera (Arrested Development, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) joined the movie cast as the Dark Knight’s sidekick and protege, Robin.

Ralph Fiennes (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Spectre) is providing the voice of everyone’s favorite butler, Alfred Pennyworth, while Zach Galifianakis will speak for the Joker.

The Lego Batman Movie will make its theatrical debut on February 10, 2017. Chances are that plans for a sequel to the film will not take very long to be announced around that time, especially if the Batman spinoff film comes anywhere close to the commercial success of The Lego Movie.

[Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Warner Bros./AP]