‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Spoilers: Negan Set To Kill Major Character In Season Finale

As the finale of The Walking Dead draws closer, speculation about the fate of many characters grows. Those in the know aren’t saying much about which characters will meet their end, but it’s pretty clear who will be causing that end and how they will do it.

We will jump right in to Walking Dead finale spoilers. Stop reading now if you don’t wish to read spoilers.

The character who is being touted as the most evil of evil Walking Dead villains will make his appearance in the final episode of the season. Negan is being described as a game changer for the zombie apocalypse world. As reported by Screenrant, showrunner Scott M. Dimple’s statement that they would try to remain true to the comics provides at least one and possibly two spoilers for the Walking Dead finale.

“…it’s really just all in service to being faithful to the comic book inasmuch as one can. That’s always going to be relatively subjective as to what that means. But taking inspiration from the moments of the comic book and playing them out to the ends of what it can be, it’s all just like taking that moment from the book and figuring out a way to turn it up to get those feelings that it gave you and those emotions that it gave you that much more.”

The first spoiler provided by this statement is that a Walking Dead character will die at the hands of Negan as he wields his barbed-wire-covered baseball bat named Lucille. The second spoiler is the identity of the character who will die. In the comic books upon which The Walking Dead is based, it’s Glenn Rhee who gets smashed to death by Negan and Lucille, so if Gimple stays completely true to the comic, Glenn will soon be gone.

The belief that Gimple’s statement really is a spoiler about the identity of the Walking Dead character who will die at the hands of Negan is further supported by some previous plotlines on the show. Last year, Walking Dead fans debated the fate of Glenn following a scene that many believed clearly showed he had died. It turned out though that Glenn was alive and well. It’s expected that when the Walking Dead finale ends, there will be five characters with whom Negan plays “eeny meeny miney mo” to decide whose skull he’s going to bash in: Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Maggie, and Glenn. The actual swing of the bat will be seen from the victim’s point of view in a shot that is sure to be rewound and played over and over again in attempts to identify the unlucky person. We won’t know who suffered Lucille’s deadly blow on the Walking Dead finale until season 7 begins. Do showrunners want to put Glenn in a “is he dead or alive” situation again only to have him survive again? Or will this really be his end?

Of course, we won’t know the answer to that question until season 7 of The Walking Dead airs — in seven months. Is it a cruel move by Walking Dead showrunners to keep loyal viewers hanging for so long, again? Or is it brilliant? You can bet that those seven months will be full of discussions all across the internet about who was Lucille’s victim. We’ve been told for months that when Negan came on the Walking Dead scene, he was going to change the whole dynamic of the show. We’ve been told he’s the BIG bad guy. We’ve been eagerly anticipating his arrival. Well, his arrival is almost here. And he’s busting into the Walking Dead zombie apocalypse with a grand entry.

The Walking Dead’s season 6 finale airs on AMC on April 3.

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