Judith Chapman Rants About ‘The Young And The Restless’ On Social Media And Speaks Out Against Current Producer Jill Farren Phelps

Judith Chapman debuted as Gloria Fisher in 2005 and quickly became a The Young and the Restless fan favorite. She was Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) and Kevin Fisher’s (Greg Rikkart) quirky mother, who seemed to be a gold digger and after John Abbott’s (Jerry Douglas) money. Fans responded well to the character, and Chapman was placed on contract for over six years. She often played the nosey mother that wanted to know everything there was to know about her adult sons. Gloria often got into trouble on the show, occasionally even legal trouble.

Last year, Soap Central reported that Judith Chapman announced that she wasn’t sure if Gloria would ever be back on the show. However, if they call her, she would love to reprise her role. The Young and the Restless fans were extremely disappointed in the lack of interaction with Gloria during Michael’s cancer storyline. Gloria was an attentive mother. She would have wanted to be present during his diagnosis and treatment. And, if Michael didn’t call her, it seems like Kevin should have. However, the show left her out of the cancer storyline and missed a great opportunity.

Judith Chapman posted on her Facebook page a rant about the current state of the CBS soap opera. She revealed that she is no longer bound to be loyal to the show when the current regime seems to want to dismantle the show. Chapman said that the show today is not something that creator Bill Bell envisioned. Many fans agreed with her and voiced their disappointment in the decision to tear apart the Chancellor mansion set.

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Judith responded to Monday’s show when they announced that Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) would be “remodeling” Chancellor mansion because his mother, Jill (Jess Walton), signed the deed of the house over to him. Apparently, Jill is mostly working in Hong Kong and wanted her son to have a home for her grandchildren. On the surface, the thought is sweet and kind, but fans were livid with the idea of destroying such an iconic set.

The Jill Abbott that fans know and love would never allow anyone to remodel Katherine Chancellor’s (the late Jeanne Cooper) home. She fought tooth and nail to get her share of the house, and on a whim, fans are supposed to believe that she signed over the house to her irresponsible son, Billy? It seems pretty unlikely.

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Judith Chapman was right about one thing: slowly, the show is becoming a soap opera that resembles nothing like Bill Bell envisioned. Before long, all the veteran characters will be written off the show, and the show will be a brand new show. Chapman states that she is basing her opinion on hearsay and observation, because she now has no allegiance to the show, as they have made it clear they have no place for Gloria. The Young and the Restless has a long history of showcasing actors that have spent decades on the show like Eric Braeden (Victor), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki), and Doug Davidson (Paul). The fans want to see Gloria on the show, as they have begged the writers, yet they don’t add her even for a quick appearance on the series.

One of the things that Chapman said was one of the biggest problems with the writing regime is they aren’t listening to the fans and ignore their suggestions to improve the show. Every soap opera has room for improvement to characters and storylines, and the fact they aren’t willing to listen to the audience is extremely concerning for most fans and Judith Chapman.


Are you surprised that Judith spoke out about The Young and the Restless and current writing regime? Do you think they will ever bring Gloria back? Tell the Inquisitr what you think about the CBS soap opera or Judith Chapman’s comments below.

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