'Captain America: Civil War' Release Date Set To Change Everything Once More [Spoilers]

The much-anticipated Captain America: Civil War release date is here in a couple of months, and speculations are about to fly once more. One thing the trailers have made clear is that the Avengers will be divided by their beliefs, taking sides with Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) or Cap (Chris Evans) as they clash.

One of the biggest driving forces behind the clash of the proverbial titans (minus Hulk and Thor, of course, but they'll be back in Thor: Ragnarok) is SHIELD's distrust of former villain James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, also known as The Winter Soldier. After he fell from a zip-line in the first Captain America, he was presumed dead. However, he was revived and returned to active duty after SHIELD suffered a massive split.


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Hydra has done a lot of damage to SHIELD, having been working on the inside for decades and then deciding to reveal themselves when Cap once again crossed paths with Bucky (Sebastian Stan). When the Captain America: Civil War release date hits on May 6, SHIELD will have regrouped after suffering its own internal war as seen on Agents of SHIELD.

However, the Avengers are suffering a similar split after Tony Stark's experiment known as Ultron turned out to almost be their undoing. Combine this with Captain America's undying loyalty to his old friend Bucky, and the Avengers will find themselves taking sides.

One thing we won't be seeing on the Captain America: Civil War release date is the original Marvel Comics version of the classic storyline. Originally, it started with a mass explosion at a school, after which a mutant called Speedball was the sole survivor. The guilt of being the only known survivor combined with a change in his abilities, and he became Penance. However, in the process, the government had decided that super-powered people and aliens were too dangerous and needed to be registered and controlled.

Cap was the key opponent to this and led a collection of heroes in a struggle against it in the name of freedom. Tony Stark embraced it and became the key enforcer of the registration act.

That is the version we won't see when the Captain America: Civil War release date arrives. Instead, we're getting the Avengers splitting up over Iron Man's sense of accountability and Captain America's loyalty to his old friend. The destruction in the wake of the Ultron project, as well as Cap's refusal to give up on Bucky, has received national attention, and Iron Man is leading the movement to keep everybody accountable.

Some might question Iron Man's credibility, though, considering he was the same one who drunkenly peed in his armor and gave Mandarin his home address.

The focus on the Captain America: Civil War release date will be on the sometimes shaky relationship between Bucky and Cap. Steve Rogers won't let his friend go, Bucky still apparently has some issues to deal with, and some of the Avengers won't be able to trust them because of it.

Director James Russo has said, "There will be a long-lasting fallout from the events of this movie. It will significantly alter the psychology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward."

Nobody is giving anything away about what Chris Evans called a "dynamic" change on the Captain America: Civil War release date, so you will just need to see it yourself.

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