Selena Gomez Spotted At Justin Bieber’s Concert Days After He Posted Throwback Photo Of Them Kissing

Selena Gomez has been spotted to be in attendance at Justin Bieber’s Purpose Concert tour on Wednesday night, the Daily Mail reports.

Gomez’s attendance has been confirmed by many fans, as her name got many mentions on Twitter during and after Bieber’s Wednesday concert in Los Angeles. And it was confirmed without any shadow of a doubt when another die-hard Justin Bieber fan took to Twitter to post a photo and a short video showing Selena Gomez enjoying the concert from the sound mixer’s area.

Staples Center also confirmed via their official account that Selena, along with other celebrities, were in attendance at Tuesday night’s concert, tweeting: “Celebs spotted at @justinbieber night 3 @selenagomez @KimKardashian @kanyewest @ToriKelly @KendallJenner @kourtneykardash #purposetourLA.”

What makes Selena Gomez’s attendance at Justin Bieber’s concert more exciting for Jelena homers is that most of his songs in the Purpose album are about her, which is not in the least surprising given the duration of their relationship.

Bieber and Gomez started dating in 2010 and then went their separate ways in 2014. After the breakup, Bieber’s career and personal life took a downward spiral as he adopted a new bad boy image.

In an interview with Refinery29 in October, Selena said that she and Justin found “closure” and that they look forward to seeing each other often as friends.

“At this point, there is no anger,” Selena said. “There’s closure in a very good, healthy way. We’ve seen each other. I’m always encouraging and I am proud of his journey… We grew up together. We both made mistakes. That’s it.”

In an interview with Ellen Degeneres in November, Justin admitted that he’s open to rekindling his romance with Selena, causing loud cheers from the audience.

“We have a lot of history together and I am sure it could possibly happen,” Bieber said. “I think we are both just on our own journeys and figuring ourselves out, and I think maybe once we figure ourselves out we can come-back and make an awesome duo.”

In her Elle interview last year, Selena was asked point-blank if there is ever a chance of her and Justin getting back together, to which she responded “I don’t know!” She laughed after giving her non-committal answer, which can only mean she is not altogether discounting the idea of it happening in the near future. Or, at least that’s how fans interpreted her answer.

There’s another good reason why Selena Gomez’s attendance at Bieber’s concert at Staples is a big deal. Justin Bieber broke Instagram recently by posting a throwback photo of him and Selena smooching. Justin’s caption was short and sweet: “Feels.” And to everyone’s pleasant surprise, Gomez herself posted a comment, which read as: “Perfect.”

The Instagram photo was reportedly taken in 2010, back when the pair were having a romantic date at the beach. The photo shows a young Justin Bieber when he was much thinner and had his heavy mop hair he became famous for during his teenage years.


A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Of course, this short social media exchange between them gave rise to more speculation that the former couple are inching ever closer to getting back together.

Selena Gomez wasn’t the only celebrity who attended Justin’s Wednesday show at Staples Center. Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West attended Bieber’s concert at Staples for the second time. This time, Kim brought along her sisters, which included Kylie, Kendall, and if accounts are to be believed, Kourtney.

If there’s one thing that could compromise the chances of Justin and Selena rekindling their romance, it’s Kourtney, who recently had a fling with Justin Bieber.

Do you think there’s a chance of Bieber and Gomez getting back together?

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