Elizabeth Olsen Responds To ‘Fuller House’ Rumors

When Fuller House began to come together as a real possibility, there was some drama behind the scenes with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen returning to play Michelle Tanner. The twins collectively played the youngest daughter to Bob Saget’s Danny Tanner from 1987 to 1995, but, when the Fuller House revival series began to come together, it seemed clear that neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley would be returning with the rest of the cast. No one really knows exactly what happened and the truth seems to vary, depending on whom one asks, but it does seem clear that there was a miscommunication between the Olsen twins and the rest of the Fuller House cast and producers.

Fuller House Executive Producers Wanted Elizabeth To Reprise Michelle Tanner

When it became clear that Mary-Kate and Ashley were holding their ground against returning to Fuller House, rumors began to circulate that the twins’ younger sister, actress Elizabeth Olsen (Godzilla, Avengers: Age of Ultron) was being pursued for the Michelle Tanner role. Elizabeth now says that this is all news to her and that she has never spoken with Fuller House producers.

“If I did, I’m pretty sure no one on my team did or neither did I!” Ms. Olsen said at the Wednesday night premiere of her latest film, I Saw the Light. “I don’t know where that [rumor] started.”

She followed that up by saying that she thought the first episode of Fuller House was great, so she at least watches the series.

Fuller House producer, John Stamos, who also has reprised his Uncle Jesse character on the series, says that an offer was made, but that it probably never reached the youngest Olsen. The deal was offered through Elizabeth’s agent, but Stamos suggests that it never went any further than Olsen’s agent.

“I said, ‘Call the sister.’ And we talked to her agent and her agent was like, ‘Come on, she’s not going to do that,'” 52-year-old Stamos said on Cohen’s SiriusXM radio show in January. “But we did call her agent.”

Fuller House executive producer Jeff Franklin remains hopeful that either one or both of the Olsen twins will reconsider and join the cast for Season 2. He says they are always welcome to rejoin the Fuller House cast, adding that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen remain friends with the cast and crew.

I Saw The Light Actress Elizabeth Olsen Addresses More Rumors

Great chemistry between two actors can sometimes be a curse, as Elizabeth Olsen found out, when the rumor mill began rolling out news that she was romantically involved with her I Saw the Light co-star, Tom Hiddleston. Olsen has previously been erroneously linked to Avengers actors Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner as well.

“I’m used to it by now,” Elizabeth said at the I Saw the Light premiere. “I’m like ‘Wow, my life is real exciting.’ I got three Avengers on my cue lined up.”

Ms. Olsen also revealed that she has known Hiddleston for four years and that the two of them met while auditioning for the same film. Ms. Olsen adds that she thought it was great that the same types of films interested them and at that time, the thought had even occurred to her that she and Hiddleston might one day work together. Elizabeth was right.

Olsen and Tom Hiddleston star together in I Saw the Light, a Hank Williams biopic. Williams, played by Hiddleston in the film, was a country-western singer who died at age 29 in 1953. His death was attributed to an overdose of alcohol and prescription drugs. Hank’s first wife Audrey is played by Ms. Olsen in the film.

[Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]