Jared Loughner Suing Tuscon Shooting Victim Gabrielle Giffords For $25 Million

Jared Lee Loughner, who is currently serving seven life sentences (consecutive) after admitting to the 2011 shooting of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, is now suing Giffords, according to reports. The mass shooting that Loughner admitted to carrying out took place in Tuscon, Arizona. Ultimately, Loughner reached a plea agreement with prosecutors, admitting his culpability in the crime. In 2012, the then-24-year-old pleaded guilty to the crime, admitting to being the shooter and taking legal responsibility for 19 federal charges in relation to the Tuscon shooting. Ultimately, the agreement reached by Jared Loughner and prosecutors ensured that the Tuscon shooter would never again be a free man.

Now Jared Loughner has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court of Arizona on Friday, March 18, suing his victim and former congresswoman for $25 million. The basis for his lawsuit? Emotional and psychological distress, reports CBS News.

In Jared Loughner's two-page legal filing, he claims that he is suing Giffords because he was "framed" and "handpicked" to be an illegal sleeper assassin. Loughner also claims that the government inserted a "chip" into his head to "control his mind."

The lengthy Jared Loughner complaint asserts that he is suing Gabby Giffords because she "never got shot." He further alleges that she "watches Ronald Reagan movies and pretened (sic) she was hit." The Loughner court filing mentions "the Illuminati," and alleges that Giffords is a member of the so-called "secret society." Jared Loughner also claims that he is currently being subjected to waterboarding and "microwave testing" at the hands of government officials at the direct request of the defendant.

Jared Loughner also alleges in his filing that he is suing Gabby Giffords due to the quality of the food available to him in prison, alleging that his drinking water has "fluoride" and that Giffords "plants parasites" in it, as well as feeding him "aspartame by Monsanto."

Some of the other allegations made by Jared Loughner against Giffords include that he is being targeted with chemtrails, which he claims in the legal document have made him delusional. Loughner also asserts that Gabby Giffords helped to "set up" Cliven Bundy, the embattled Nevada rancher whose sons orchestrated the takeover of an Oregon wildlife refuge.

Loughner also said in his legal filing that Mark Kelly, former astronaut and husband of Gabby Giffords, was involved in planting "illegal spy equipment" in orbit to spy on U.S. citizens, which is part of the reason why he's suing the former congresswoman.

Before a plea agreement was reached between Jared Loughner and the prosecution in the Tuscon shooting case, it was determined that he was capable of understanding fully the charges levied against him. After the shooting, Loughner was diagnosed as being a schizophrenic and has reportedly undergone forcible treatments (including the use of psychotropic drugs) since his incarceration.

Well before suing his victim, and even before the Tuscon shooting which left Gabby Giffords permanently impaired, FBI documents indicate that Jared Loughner was unraveling mentally. Prior to perpetuating the mass shooting that injured Giffords and a dozen more and left six dead, Jared Loughner was venting his paranoia on the internet. According to a 2014 FBI report, Loughner used the internet to spread his angry, expletive-laden rants about conspiracy theories, killing police, and committing suicide.

Tuscon News Now reports that in addition to suing Gabby Giffords, Jared Loughner is also naming the Bureau of Prisons in his lawsuit.

That report also indicates that Loughner's legal filing may have already hit a snag. According to a note on the court filing, it's possible that Jared Loughner's case could be thrown out because it "does not follow proper form," thus preventing him from following through with his attempt at suing Giffords.

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