Pornhub’s New Free Virtual Reality 360-Degree Experience Brings Buzz [Video]

Pornhub has launched a free virtual reality channel, so expect more confessions on how porn nearly ruined lives and marriages, like when actor and bodybuilder Terry Crews recently confessed how his porn addiction nearly cost him everything, in his viral Facebook video, as reported by the Inquisitr. And lest people think it’s only men giving Pornhub their unbelievable amount of daily visitors, women can be porn addicts, too, reports Christianity Today.

Even pastors like Nate Larkin admitted his addiction to porn, ironically while on a ministry trip with his wife to New York — wherein he got his first look at hardcore porn as part of a trip designed to help those caught in sex trafficking. As seen in the below video from I Am Second, Larkin describes how being disgusted with hardcore porn turned into a fascination with porn, which turned into a porn addiction. When Larkin’s wife caught him watching porn once more — and Nate found himself watching porn right before taking the pulpit and preaching — his wife left him. That’s when Larkin thought his ministry had ended — but it had just begun, because he told the truth about his porn addiction.

According to Google, the word “Pornhub” gets a whopping 55.6 million searches per month. The word “porn” comes in just shy of that number for Pornhub searches, with 45.5 million searches per month coming into Google for porn. The phrase “free porn” gets 20.4 million searches per month, with “watch porn” getting 14,800 searches per month.

Searches for “virtual reality porn” or “VR Pornhub” might fall somewhere in that mix now that Pornhub has introduced the new Virtual Reality free porn content that allows folks to act like they are a part of the porn.

“Virtual Reality is taking the world by storm and you can now join the fun and experience it totally free thanks to your friends at Pornhub and BaDoinkVR! Check out our infomercial above to find out how you can get your very own pair of free VR goggles to enjoy some top shelf 360-degree adult entertainment.”

As seen in the below video that was published on YouTube on Wednesday, March 23, Pornhub relied on humor to promote their new virtual reality content. One guy is seen pretending to motorboat an unseen porn star with his virtual reality headset on. Another man gives his dad the virtual reality headset, and two hours later, the older man emerges from his Pornhub virtual reality fog with an erection.

Warning: The following video contains language and situations that might be disturbing to some viewers.

While some folks might be placing both thumbs up about the new Pornhub feature like in the photo of actor James Deen above, a darker side could emerge. Deen, whose real name is Bryan Sevilla, has gotten into trouble, reports LA Weekly.

Bryan’s porn company is being accused of not using condoms, which could have exposed porn actors to hepatitis B and HIV.

Nevertheless, the Pornhub VR porn channel with free 360-degree adult videos is causing quite a bit of buzz online, reports Mashable.

With Pornhub representing the biggest porn site on the web, some are calling it a natural progression for Pornhub to adopt the virtual reality option. Using BaDoink, a firm whose specialty is 180-degree and 360-degree porn content, Pornhub is hoping to capitalize on how much better virtual reality has become over the years.

Pornhub’s free VR porn channel will blow your mind, writes PC World, with plenty of first-hand reviews coming into the internet about the service. Pornhub’s virtual reality might work with Oculus Rift one day, says Cinema Blend.

In the midst of all the buzz about Pornhub adding virtual porn content, and news about 60 million daily Pornhub viewers having the option to view virtual reality porn, the real focus is on the fallout. With porn addiction already causing people to disappear away from their real lives and families for hours on end, virtual reality porn might encourage folks to put on virtual reality headsets, get lost in Pornhub content, and reemerge to daylight to discover their loved ones gone.


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