Woman Puts Sex Doll On Corner To… Slow Traffic In Her Neighborhood?

Do you live on a strangely busy street corner where all those whipper-snapper kids ignore the residential speed limit and fly through your neighborhood with little-to-no regard for children and pedestrians? If so, you might want to take a page out of this elderly Chinese woman’s book. She tied a realistic sex doll to a tree on her corner in an attempt to slow speedy motorists.

Though the translation could be spotty, Car News China reported from Chinese-language newspaper Tiexue that an unidentified elderly woman in China had had enough of drivers speeding past a crosswalk near her home and decided to take matters into her own hands when local cops proved less-than-enthused to assist. She decided to slow down drivers in a decidedly creative way – tying a lingerie-clad sex doll to a tree at the corner.

I suppose the strategy is to… trick drivers into thinking that the sex doll is a real woman? Or a prostitute?

We’re not sure how she thought this would work, but it actually did – at least once, according to the photo taken at the scene. A moped-riding youngster stopped for a look while the elderly woman was tying the sex doll to the tree, and though the thoughts going through his (or her) head are unknown at this time, they’re probably an unsurprising sum of the same sentiments that floated through your head when you read the title to this article.

In any case, we applaud the Chinese woman’s ingenuity, and hope that those pesky kids do slow down some.

The photograph of the sex doll tied to the tree