‘Angry’ Justin Bieber Reportedly Wants Fans’ Refunds Issues Fixed For Canceled Meet & Greets

Justin Bieber is reportedly “angry” over the way fans’ refunds are being handled after his surprise announcement that he was canceling meet-and-greets on his Purpose World Tour last week.

A new report claims the singer wants fans affected by the cancellations to receive fairer refunds.

“Justin has just found out about this and he is very angry,” sources allegedly told the Naughty Gossip website. “He had nothing to do with this. He is now suggesting that everyone who bought a package gets a full refund and gets to keep the concert ticket for free.”

The sources allegedly said Bieber “loves his fans and knows that they had nothing to do with this. He cancelled the meetings backstage, and wants to make sure that fans are not punished further by having to give up a ticket in a great seat as well. He wants this fixed ASAP.”

The report comes after the singer posted a photo of himself with a young fan on Instagram last Tuesday (March 22). In his caption, he explained that energetic exchanges with fans during the sessions left him “feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression” as he says he takes on their energy.

Justin added that he wants to “stay in the healthy mindset” he is in right now to give fans the “best show.”

Following the cancellations, some fans opted for the full refunds offered by Bkstg, the company that Bieber’s management uses to arrange the backstage packages on the Purpose Tour.

The VIP range — “I’ll Show You #Purpose Experience” and “Ultimate #Purpose Experience” — started from $900 to $2000. A cheaper “Where Are You Now #Purpose Experience” was also available.

Here’s the kicker: while fans do get all of their money back in full refunds, they are required to give up all parts of their packages, including their Purpose concert ticket, which comes with a premium pit seat.

Inevitably, there’s been a lot of negative reaction from fans affected by the canceled meet-and-greets. General social media hasn’t been kind to Bieber over the matter, and media outlets are currently ripping the 22-year-old apart.

However, some fans seem to understand that policy decisions and administering refunds aren’t under the control of artists.

Although Bkstg is the company who oversee VIP packages on the Purpose Tour, a fan who claims to be in contact with Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, alleged that it is only a messenger set-up.

On Monday, March 28, a Bieber fan, known as “Cecile” on Twitter, claimed fans who bought VIP meet-and-greet packages to Purpose shows in France were given refunds but allowed to keep their concert tickets. See the Twitter exchange below.

However, Cecile did note in a tweet to another fan that she wasn’t clear on all the details. Both fans agreed that Braun should clarify what is happening with refunds.

If it is true that French fans are getting partial refunds, it suggests there is no reason why such an arrangement can’t be made available for all Justin Bieber fans affected by the canceled meet-and-greets.

Meanwhile, the “Sorry” singer continues to move through his 114-date Purpose Tour, which kicked off March 9 in Seattle, Washington.

The Biebs’ most recent show was at Fresno’s Save Mart Center in California on March 26. The reviewer for local outlet, the Fresno Bee, raved that he was “awed by the stunning piece of pop-music performance art” that Bieber put on. Watch the concert opening below.

As for the big question: it remains to be seen whether Bkstg listen to Bieber’s alleged request to let fans keep their Purpose concert tickets with full — or, more likely — partial refunds.

[Photo by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images]