‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad Forms A Plan To Snag Ben, The Johnson Family Considers A Bold Move, And The Hernandez Family Reunites

This has been a wild week on Days of Our Lives, and spoilers detail that there is plenty more chaos on the way. John and Paul have been rescued from Yo Ling, and it was discovered that Adriana Hernandez was being held at the facility, as well. Ben is on the run, and Abigail is in a panic, which leads Chad to form a plan during this March 23 show.

According to We Love Soaps, Adriana will quickly reunite with Gabi and Dario after Rafe gets her back to Salem. Finding her hidden away at with Ling’s henchmen was a shocker, and it seems that emotions will be running high during this family reunion. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that there will be some chaos ahead for the Hernandez family as Eduardo recovers, Adriana reunites, and the family comes together in full for the first time in a long time.


Steve and Kayla were quite worried when Joey tried to confess to Roman that he had killed Ava. Roman declined to take action against Joey, but Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that they will still be quite concerned. Not only are they worried about Joey, but now Steve violated his bail by crossing state lines to rescue John. The buzz is that Steve and Kayla may consider taking Joey and going on the run.

Paul is being cared for at the hospital, but there are signs that Ling’s brainwashing may have been at least partially successful. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that he will be facing some challenges in his recovery, and John will have some emotional moments with his son during Wednesday’s show, details SoapCentral.

Viewers will get some action related to the Chad, Abigail, and Ben saga during this next show, as well. Everybody is aware that Ben is on the loose, and Abigail has been distraught over hallucinations of him showing up again in her life. This, of course, worries Chad a great deal. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that he is about to come up with a plan to lure Ben out and get him locked away again.

Just what is this plan, and will it succeed? It is known that Abby is going to continue to struggle over her worries regarding her ex, and Chad will do whatever it takes to keep her secure. Whether Ben actually returns to Salem to do something against Chad and Abigail isn’t known yet, and viewers will have to wait and see whether this big plan works.


However, it is known that there are big things ahead for Abigail this spring. Kate Mansi is leaving the role soon, and Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Abby will be off the canvas for a bit until a recast steps in to take over the role. Matthew Ashford is also returning for a handful of episodes this spring to play Jack Deveraux, and many speculate that Abby may have a nervous breakdown and need to be hospitalized for a while to recover from the damage that has been done.

Will Paul be able to fully recover from the brainwashing? Will the Johnson family go on the run? Can Chad lure Ben out from hiding and get him locked up again before Abigail loses her sanity? Stay tuned for additional Days of Our Lives spoilers as the drama continues to play out throughout Salem.

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