WWE Rumors: Huge ‘WrestleMania 32’ Match Spoiler As Unexpected Superstar Scheduled To Win

There has been a lot of confusion over the course of the past month as to what is going on with The Wyatt Family. For a month or so, they were pushed to the moon and made to look like the most dominating force in WWE. Now, none of them are scheduled for anything at WrestleMania 32 at all. Still, rumors are going around that the biggest member of the family, Braun Strowman, is in line for a push and will win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

While Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan aren’t even on the card, Strowman is expected to still win the Battle Royal, according to Cageside Seats. As of Wednesday morning, Strowman still isn’t even on the card, but likely will be soon.

It is thought that Rowan and Harper could still be added to the battle royal, but now, it may just be one of them. In a dark match after Monday Night RAW, Harper was injured and his status is still not known. WrestleZone did report that he wasn’t even at the SmackDown taping on Tuesday night.

wwe rumors wrestlemania 32 andre the giant battle royal braun strowman [Image via WWE]The annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is now in its third year, and it is becoming quite an important event. Cesaro won it the first year in 2014, and then the Big Show won it last year, and he’s already entered the match for WrestleMania 32.

With just a week and a half until the big Pay-Per-View, there are only a total of six names in the match, but many more will be added. It’s thought that there will be a total of 20 superstars in the battle royal and competing for the big trophy.

Other names joining Big Show in the match so far are:

  • Kane
  • Bo Dallas
  • Heath Slater
  • Adam Rose
  • Curtis Axel

Most of the names in the match are and will be those without a current program on WWE television as it gives them a match at the biggest wrestling event of the year. That is where Braun Strowman will likely end up coming in.

wwe rumors wrestlemania 32 andre the giant battle royal braun strowman [Image via WWE]The giant of The Wyatt Family is said to be one of Vince McMahon’s pet projects, and the boss really likes him. Apparently, McMahon thinks that Strowman has “the look” to be a star, and once his green nature wears off in the ring, then he could be huge.

While virtually all plans for The Wyatt Family appear to have now been scrapped, there was a big rumor going around a month ago. It was that Strowman would win the battle royal, get pushed huge after WrestleMania 32, and go on to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

It’s not known if that will still go through, but time will tell.

For now, Strowman winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal could really do a lot to elevate him. Going over some of the jobbers in WWE is one thing, but going over the likes of Big Show and Kane would have him seem like the most dominant monster in the company.

wwe rumors wrestlemania 32 andre the giant battle royal braun strowman [Image via WWE]When he first appeared on the scene, the guy was seen as a scary and freakish giant. Now, he’s sort of faded into the background and is getting viciously beaten by Dean Ambrose and a chair as fans saw on Monday Night RAW this week.

He took a good beating and kept getting up, but the focus of that match was to elevate Ambrose, not Strowman.

Putting Braun Strowman in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32 is the first step for WWE. After that, winning it would be the next and it would certainly give the biggest member of The Wyatt Family a new life and big push.

[Image via WWE]