Jennifer Aniston And Jason Bateman Together Again In New Film

Jennifer Aniston, actress best known for her role in the 90s TV sitcom Friends as lovable girl next door Rachel Greene, was recently put on the April cover of Harper’s Bazaar. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Jennifer’s life as a married woman is a very interesting one.

Jennifer Aniston married her husband, long time boyfriend Justin Theroux, just last summer, and the couple has now been married for almost a year. While Justin goes back to New York every now and then to film his adaptation of The Girl On The Train with actress Emily Blunt, Jennifer stays back at home in the couple’s Los Angeles hilltop residence. While being away from her husband may be a bit lonely once in awhile, Jennifer is proud of him and the success he’s found in recent time.

Despite not having him around every now and then, Jennifer still loves being at home. What makes her leave home? Projects, such as new films and TV shows. These projects have to be something that Jennifer could dedicate her entirety to just to make the trip away from home worth it. In other words, she does what she loves.

Jennifer loves taking care of herself, as well. Looking stunning at the age of 47, her lifestyle choices are the key to her success, including exercising five times a week while making healthy choices in what she eats, and the decision to avoid sugar and choose a salad with chicken for the extra protein in her diet just to support her exercise regimen.

Jennifer Aniston spoke about what her regular fitness regime looks like for her.

“Wake up around 8 A.M., then I run the dogs through the garden. Feed them while the coffee’s brewing. Work out. Read. Meetings.”

She went on to elaborate on her workout, saying that she works in 15 minute intervals.

“I do 15 on the elliptical, 15 Spinning, then I do 15 run. And then I do portions of the Body by Simone DVD for floor work. It’s so freakin’ hard, it’s unbelievable.”

Jennifer Aniston wants to belong to that bracket of beautiful Hollywood stars that hit 50 gracefully and from the way it’s looking right now, she will. Part of it is because she knows how to kick back and relax once in a while.

Jennifer also spoke about how she usually ends the day.

“Puttering. I stay up late. The house is empty; it’s nice, it’s quiet. I usually go to bed at about midnight, 1 A.M.”

Jennifer also spoke on why she doesn’t get lost in social media.

“We work so hard to maintain some sort of life and privacy. Why would we intentionally put ourselves out there? It’s like you’re on TV or on a movie screen. They see you, hold their phone right up to your face, and take a picture. I’m like, I’m standing right here with a pulse! It’s sweet, though, just… different.”

But Jennifer Aniston fans don’t need to worry about not catching her online, as she’ll be back on the big screen very soon. Mother’s Day is a film that comes out on — no surprises here — Mother’s Day. According to E! Online, the film stars Jennifer Aniston alongside Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, and Jason Sudeikis.

The film will star Jennifer Aniston in the role of a single mom. This is the very first film that Jennifer Aniston has worked on with director Garry Marshall, who spoke about working with Jennifer Aniston.

“Jennifer was terrific. She works really hard. I never saw anybody prepare like Jennifer Aniston. She really prepared everything. I thought she was just sensational in the picture.”

Aside from Mother’s Day, fans can also catch Jennifer starring alongside longtime friend Jason Bateman very soon. According to Movie News Guide, Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman are to pair up once again for an upcoming film called Significant Other. The pair previously worked together in other movies such as The Switch and Horrible Bosses.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]