Texting Mixup Leads To New Friendship In Delivery Room

It happens with surprising regularity — you send out a text to a number you think belongs to a friend, when the phone number has changed hands without you realizing it. That sort of texting mixup is exactly what led to a new friendship between new parents and Deorick Williams and his brother Dennis.

Getting invited to a group text is one thing — texts are flying fast and furious, and the texts in this case were no exception. The problem was, the texting mixup involved reports of the birth of Cason Knox to new parents Mark and Lindsey Lashley, according to Fox 9. Deorick had initially let the texter know that they had reached the wrong number by mistake, but when he received a shot of a woman holding the newborn, he knew that he should do something to make the new arrival’s day a little more special.

The texter apologized for the texting mixup, but Deorick and Dennis Williams decided they wanted to do something special for the new family.

“Nah that’s ok what’s the room number Bainbridge hospital right we have gifts,” the Williams brothers replied.

So the brothers drove 40 miles to the hospital to meet the new arrival and his parents, ABC News reports. Deorick told ABC News that he figured he was already invited to meet the new arrival, even though it was a texting mixup, and it wouldn’t be right to show up empty handed.

“I was invited already, so I thought I might as well go. And why not bring gifts?” he asked.

Deorick Williams posted screenshots of the texting mixup to his Facebook page and, in his post, invited those who saw the images to make them go viral. In the world of social media, it does not take much encouragement to make posts go viral. Over 150,000 views later, Deorick and Dennis Williams’ good deed has gained a great deal of notice.

It would have been very easy for Deorick and Dennis Williams to bow out of the group text, given it was a texting mixup, but let’s face it: the arrival of a new baby is something to celebrate, and it would seem that the brothers got caught up in the high spirits of celebration.

Refinery 29 reported that the originator of the inadvertent texting mixup also posted news of Deorick’s and Dennis’ kindness to their Facebook page as well. The original texter was floored by the fact that Deorick and Dennis showed up to meet a baby and a family they didn’t know simply because of a texting mixup but said they were blessed that the event occurred.

“What a blessing these two guys were to our family,” the original texter posted. “They were so sweet and kind to do this!… Please share this with anyone you know and hopefully these two guys will see it.”

With over 150,000 views to date, the story of Deorick Williams and his brother Dennis has definitely been seen by an astounding number of people. The texting mixup that ended so sweetly is a heartwarming tidbit of news in a week that has been plagued by terribly tragic events. In the wake of the bombings in Brussels, Belgium, and the death of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who in spite of whatever flaws he had exposed to the world loved the city he served very dearly, the news of the texting mixup that ended in such a lovely surprise is so welcome.

[Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]