More Hints For ‘Gilmore Girls’ To Answer The Dean Or Jess Question

Whether you are Gilmore Girls Team Dean, Team Jess, or even Team Logan, hints are being leaked out indicating which direction Rory Gilmore will go in the reboot or reunion of Gilmore Girls for a love interest. Rory’s first love would be Dean, but then came Jess, and at Yale, Logan, but when Gilmore Girls comes back to Netflix, will Rory be back with one of these guys?

According to The Inquisitr, some Gilmore Girls fans are already disappointed that Melissa McCarthy won’t be bringing Sookie back to Stars Hollow, and Gilmore Girls. McCarthy has been clear that the stars just didn’t align for her to come back to Gilmore Girls this time around. But she will be watching, and she is still a huge fan of the show.


Bustle is reporting that, so far, we know that the episodes of Gilmore Girls are named for the four seasons – as in, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you have to do is call… get it, Carole King? Well, Dean and Jess will be in the same episode, Fall of Gilmore Girls, and all these years later, are they still vying for Rory’s attention?

In the past, any time that Jess and Dean have ever been on screen together, a fight, either physical or verbal, breaks out, and Rory is either breaking it up or storming out. All these years later, has nothing changed?


E! Online says that, if Gilmore Girls is back, so is the Jess versus Dean debate, and everyone seems to have picked a side. In a promo video, shot on the set of Gilmore Girls, in the middle of Stars Hollow, right by the gazebo, both of Rory’s former suitors – let’s face it, nobody ever cheered for spoiled brat Logan – made a teaser video to get the debate rolling all over again.

So each of the actors playing Jess and Dean chose a superhero. Jess went with “broody” Batman, and Dean went with the Man of Steel, Superman.

“I think crazy vigilante versus alien that keeps off of sunlight, krypton or not, Batman’s going to win.”

“But Superman is the Man of Steel,” he [Jared Padelicki, Dean] said.

This was just teasing their version of the Dean versus Jess debate to get it rolling for the Gilmore Girls faithful. Another clue: Jess is in three of the four episodes of Gilmore Girls coming to Netflix, but no word on Dean’s involvement.


But Bustle thinks that Logan is the way for Rory to go on the new Gilmore Girls, not Dean or Jess. When we last saw the Gilmore Girls, Rory had not closed the door on Logan, who was still acting like a frat boy, while Rory Gilmore had decided to be an actual adult. But Bustle is suggesting that Logan should actually be the man she marries.

“By which I mean, of course, Rory ending up with the man who’s right for her: Logan Huntzberger.”



The thought is that Dean is a bit too small-town and unsophisticated, too Stars Hollow with no education from Chilton or Yale, and Rory Gilmore has left him behind. Jess is Gilmore Girls’ Rebel Without a Cause, and Rory Gilmore is all about the family, so Jess Mariano is not for her. But Logan? Logan is the combination of education, sophistication, and gets the family connection, so Bustle votes for Logan.

Who do you think Rory Gilmore should end up with on the reboot of Gilmore Girls?

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