Google Docs Now Allows Users To Share Documents With Expiration Dates And Google Drive Works Offline

Google Docs added a new feature for users that allows them to set expiration dates on documents. The change also allows users to limit access to their documents. Once a project is wrapped up, the document expires. The feature is part of a collection of Google Apps, including Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Engadget said that this feature allows businesses to collaborate with clients, contractors, and other small companies for a short length of time. The only disadvantage to the new feature is that it only allows the user who receive the document to view it.

If it is necessary to collaborate on any documents, then access will have to be revoked the old-fashioned way by going into Google Docs and revoking access. With the update to both Google Docs and the Google Apps involved, this gives enterprise customers one more reason to choose Google Docs over the more pricey Microsoft Office. Currently, the feature is open to those with Google App accounts. Hopefully in the future, it will be available to all Google customers.

As previously reported in the Inquisitr, Google has been updating many of its business collaboration tools, including Google Sheets. Sheets is another tool that users may get an app and use it to update or create spreadsheets and then collaborate. Google recently added additional features to this tool, and users now have access to more formats, right to left languages, and the additional app for phones and tablets.

Time reported that Google Drive is now available for use offline. The advantage of using Google Drive is that a document can be created on one device and then saved so that it is available on every device where the user has the Google Drive account. The disadvantage is that if a user is stuck without an internet connection, then it's impossible to retrieve the documents to edit them.

Now, it is possible to view and edit documents in Google Drive offline. It requires a few simple steps. If using an Android device, the go to the Google Drive app and activate the offline mode. Hold down the document that needs to be accessed offline and then tap the icon that looks like a check mark. iPhone allows the user to access the feature through the More button within the app.

For those who use Google Chrome, files can be synced and then saved for offline use all at one time. It requires the user to be logged into both Google Drive and Google Chrome at the same time. Clicking the Setting symbol, which looks like a cog, then the box for Offline can be checked.

Google offers a complete suite of tools for businesses to collaborate online. They include Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Sites. Users may also use Gmail, calendars, and video meetings in order to connect online. For those who need to advertise, Google Plus allows the creation of pages. Since about 97 percent of those looking for local businesses look online now, it allows marketers to create a listing searchers can find.

Google Docs allows users to save their documents online and use the most up to date tools to write, edit, and collaborate on documents. Smart editing and styling tools allow the user to easily format and edit text. Multiple fonts and images are also available for free.

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