Google Sheets Now Offers Support For More Formats, Right-To-Left Languages, And Comes In An Android App

Google Sheets is an online tool that allows anyone who wants to create spreadsheets a way to do it online. It is a free tool offered by Google that is part of a larger suite of tools that they offer that allows businesses and individuals to have a full set of collaborative tools online for productivity. The tools include everything from email to Google Docs, Calendar, and webmaster tools. For those on the go it is a way to share documents in the right format with others as well as have the ability to edit those documents and then save them in formats that can be used offline, like Excel Spreadsheets.

The Android Police reported that Google has made some major changes to Google Sheets, making it even more productive. The first change is that now users can comment on documents in real time. Google is also pushing out new updates for the Android mobile app that allows users to use Google Sheets on their mobile phones and tablets. One of the latest additions is the support for additional document types so users may import their documents for using and sharing.

As previously reported in Inquisitr, Google has been updating all their productivity tools and making them more powerful. One of the tools they have upgraded is Google Calendar. Google acquired Timeful, a company that offered an app that allowed users to track their personal and professional lives. This new app is being integrated into Google Calendar to make it more powerful. Google also created a powerful integrated search feature that allows users to search Drive, Docs, and Calendar at the same time.

Another feature of the new Android app for Google Sheets is that it will format text right-to-left now so if a user has Hebrew or another language on his/her mobile device that requires reading right-to-left, it will read and format the text. Columns will now progress from right-to-left and row numbers will shift to the right side of the screen. Viewing filters are a new update to the mobile app that allow users to both create new filters and update old ones through the new mobile app.

The upgrades are being added gradually to the mobile app and the app is put out by Google making it safe for users to install on their devices. Once users download the mobile app to their devices, Google will automatically push updates necessary to prevent any security problems. This is an important security feature because the best way to protect devices is to have the latest app updates.

Computer World UK offered 11 tips for Google Sheets that will help businesses become more productive. One of the most important is keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts allow users to become more productive. Since time is money, being able to speed through the applications saves businesses money and makes the work flow more productive.

Google Sheets also allows users to create their own apps. AppSheets is an add-on available for Google Sheets that allows users to put their data into a readable app. From the menu it only requires users to choose add-ons then AppSheet, Launch, and then Go.

Data heat maps are another feature that is important to businesses. It allows them to isolate the most important data in their spreadsheets so that users can determine the most important trends and patterns within their own data. Images for Google Sheets can also be uploaded quickly too.

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