Humongous Alien Mothership UFO ‘Sucking’ Energy From Sun Spooks UFO Hunters: UFOs Draining Sun’s Energy Could Kill It, UFOlogists Worry

UFO hunters have once again expressed concern that swarms of massive alien UFOs — some Earth-size — often spotted in NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite images parked in orbit around the Sun and “sucking” energy from the Sun could shorten its lifespan.

UFO blogger Scott Waring expressed concern once again this week after the prolific UFO hunter Streetcap1 reported spotting a massive, cross-shaped interstellar mothership hovering above the Sun’s fiery atmosphere. The alleged starship appeared to have a huge extension dipped or plugged into the Sun’s corona, “sucking” energy directly from it.

Streetcap1 uploaded to YouTube on March 21, 2016, images of the Sun’s atmosphere snapped on March 20 by the SOHO satellite — managed jointly by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) — stationed in space between Earth and the Sun to collect near-real-time solar data need to predict space weather.

The SOHO image appears to show a massive star- or cross-shaped object hovering over the solar atmosphere with a huge tube-like structure running from its lower end into the Sun’s fiery corona.

The raw image may be viewed here on NASA’s website (also see below).

Alien UFO orbits Sun Gigantic alien UFO ‘sucks’ energy from Sun, according to UFO conspiracy theorist [Image via]According to the UFOlogists, the image actually shows a gigantic alien mothership parked in orbit around the Sun, harvesting energy from its upper atmosphere.

Streetcap1 remarks that he has often seen the particular starship parked above the solar atmosphere harvesting energy from the Sun or simply stopping over on a journey along an interstellar route straddling our solar system to refuel.

“I am blown away by this,” Streetcap1 writes. “It’s like they are saying ‘Hello we’re here.’ I’ve seen this before 3 or 4 times now.”

Waring couldn’t refrain from expressing anxiety about the activities of the alleged alien UFOs swarming around our Sun and draining its scarce energy resources apparently with little regard for the needs and safety of the local planet Earth teeming with life.

“[Image] clearly shows a craft leaving the sun or sucking the energy from the sun. If this is the [latter], we should worry,” Waring writes, and adds, “Sucking [energy] away the sun little by little won’t leave the Earth with much in a million years.”

Alien UFO Massive alien UFO in space [Image via Shutterstock]This is not the first time that Waring and other UFO hunters have expressed concern that alien UFOs helping themselves uninvited to our planetary systems’ scarce energy resources could cause the Sun to die prematurely. Waring expresses fear that with the intensity of exploitation of its resources by spacefaring interlopers, the Sun may last only another million years — as opposed to the estimate of 5 billion years by scientists.

But other UFO hunters have expressed fears that the intensity of the unchecked mining activity could kill the Sun in a much shorter time frame.

Streetcap1 had also reported sighting a humongous alien spacecraft entering into our solar atmosphere in an image taken by SOHO’s Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph (LASCO) C2 on March 1, 2016.

The UFO and alien hunter was alarmed that aliens would park such a massive craft near our Sun. He exclaimed, “This is crazy!”

He dismissed suggestions from skeptics that the “object” in the image was actually a pixilation flaw or a flare caused by overexposure, and argued that its structure suggested it was an artificial object.

The Inquisitr also reported earlier this month that after the YouTube UFO hunter, Myunhauzen74 — who keeps a close watch on alien UFO traffic in our inner solar system on NASA’s Helioviewer –announced on March 3, 2016 (see video below), that he spotted massive interstellar orb UFOs swarming around our Sun and draining its energy, many UFO hunters expressed concern that over-exploitation of the Sun’s energy resources by alien space voyagers could shorten its lifespan.

Waring had expressed concern at the time, saying, “They [alien UFOs] are out there… around our sun, doing god knows what. They may actually be controlling the Sun… or they could be harvesting a very rare and powerful heavy element. Let’s hope they don’t make a mistake and barbecue our planet.”

“They [alien UFOs] are out there… around our sun, doing god knows what.”

Other UFO hunters raised an alarm, declaring that alien space voyagers were endangering our planetary system and life on our planet Earth. According to UFOlogists, frequent sightings of massive interstellar spaceships — some allegedly larger than our Moon and Earth — harvesting energy from our Sun should cause alarm because unregulated harvesting of solar energy could kill our Sun.

“I think aliens steal energy from our sun and don’t expect they are here to help us.”

According to UFO researchers, extraterrestrials from energy-hungry Kardashev scale Type II or Type III civilizations, with highly advanced technological cultures, are taking advantage of the fact that Earth civilization does not have the military-technological capability to defend its scarce energy resources. Only technologically advanced civilizations have the military capability to protect their local energy resources from abusive exploitation by unscrupulous spacefaring interlopers.

Aliens that park Earth- or Moon-size UFOs around our Sun could be interstellar pirates who don’t care about the risk their solar resource mining activities pose to Earthlings.

“I think aliens steal energy from our sun and don’t expect they are here to help us,” a UFO hunter lamented. “They might see other races as competitors, so they will destroy/enslave other races. US government might know about this but it doesn’t say the truth.”

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