Morgan Bauer Missing: Teen Moves To Atlanta Then Disappears Without A Trace

Morgan Bauer left her hometown of Aberdeen, South Dakota, and headed to Atlanta, Georgia, early last month. Now the teen’s family says she has gone missing.

Bauer, 19, was ready to move out of Aberdeen and make a new life start in Atlanta. After riding with a friend to Minnesota, she boarded a plane headed to the southern city on February 12. However, her family back in South Dakota has not heard from the teen since February 25.

“She wanted to be her own person, move to a big city and spread her wings,” said Sherri Sichmeller, Morgan’s mother. “For her to go completely silent on all counts is not her.”

According to Sichmeller, Morgan Bauer had met a man on Craigslist and was supposed to stay with him until she found a job. She was to clean and do other household chores in lieu of paying rent.

“I didn’t want her to really go to Atlanta. It was something that was really worrying me. But Morgan does everything 100 percent,” Sherri said during a recent interview.

At some point, Bauer was thrown out of the temporary home, but refused to come crying back to Aberdeen. She moved into a motel and made ends meet the best she could.

Her mother said Morgan began dancing at a local club to earn money. However, Atlanta police have been unable to determine which club she may have worked at. Many of the businesses interviewed by police said Bauer did ask about getting a job but did not have the proper paperwork in order to apply.

Sichmeller said her daughter was definitely in “survival mode” and now fears the teen is in deep trouble. She is nearly convinced Morgan has not been heard from because something terrible may have happened.

All of Bauer’s social media accounts have gone silent, and her phone is turned off. She has stopped responding to family and friends since a final Snapchat message sent on the night she disappeared.

Sherri and her husband have made numerous trips to Atlanta, passing out and posting flyers that include Morgan’s picture. Thousands of people have taken to Facebook to offer support and draw attention to the missing girl.

Bauer’s friends and family pray she is found soon, and all share the same feeling that something tragic may have happened. Last week, another teen girl was found dead nearly one week after she went missing.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an Amber Alert was issued for 14-year-old Adriana Coronado after her father was found dead in a rural Texas field. His body was severely burned when investigators found him in a ditch.

Unfortunately, Adriana was also found dead days later. Several police agencies in Houston are urgently seeking the perpetrators of the crimes.

While authorities in Atlanta look for Morgan Bauer, the family has suffered from many people posting negative remarks and rumors on social media. Some have commented that the teen was “asking for it” or should not have left home in the first place.

Morgan’s mother doesn’t let the negativity bother her and remains determined to find her daughter.

“It doesn’t matter; she’s worth everything and is so loved. We want to the focus to just be about Morgan and finding her.”

In addition to the Facebook group, several news outlets, web pages, and online communities have launched public awareness campaigns to keep the family’s plight to locate the missing teen in the news. Two Atlanta billboard companies have donated space to display Morgan’s photo.

Morgan Bauer is five feet, six inches tall and weighs 125 pounds. She has long brown hair and blue eyes. Anyone with information about the missing teen are urged to call the Atlanta Police Missing Person Unit at 404-546-4235.

[Images via Facebook]