Morgan Bauer: Missing Teen Vanished Under Mysterious Circumstances

Morgan Bauer’s move from her hometown of Aberdeen, South Dakota, to Atlanta, Georgia, in search of a better life turned into a nightmare for her family and friends. On or before February 29, the 19-year-old girl seemingly vanished without a trace — and authorities are concerned the teen met with foul play.

Morgan’s mother, Sherri Sichmeller, said, “She wanted to be her own person, move to a big city and spread her wings, but for her to go completely silent on all counts is not her.”

NBC News reports a friend gave the teen a ride to Minnesota, where she caught a flight to Atlanta on February 12. Sherri said her daughter had only $20 to her name. However, she planned to use an anticipated tax refund to help her get settled in Georgia.

In a series of text messages, Morgan Bauer told her best friend she moved in with a man she met on Craigslist. The teen reportedly agreed to do domestic chores in exchange for rent. However, according to the friend, Morgan moved out of the man’s home the following day as they had a disagreement.

According to reports, the teen eventually sought employment as a dancer at Teaser’s Gentleman’s Club. Waffle House employee Kandice Every said Morgan often stopped by for a meal, as the club across the street.

“We don’t often see Caucasian women over there at the club. I asked her if she was dancing or bar tending and she said she was dancing over there.”

Teaser’s Gentleman’s Club owners were questioned by police and allowed search volunteers to post missing person fliers on their business doors. However, they insist Morgan Bauer was never employed at the club.

Morgan Bauer, who is inactive on all her social media accounts, and is no longer in touch with her best friend, has raised serious fears about her well-being. Her family and friends are specifically concerned as her cell phone appears to have been turned off or stolen.

Atlanta Police Department Sergeant Warren Pickard said he and his colleagues are trying to discern whether the teen chose to disappear or was taken against her will. Officials have refused further comment other than to say they just want to make sure Morgan is safe.

Sherri and her husband have traveled to Atlanta to search for their missing child. Thousands of people have offered words of encouragement and support. “She isn’t in trouble,” her mom has reassured. “Just please, if you have the ability to contact and reach someone, do it. But I have this feeling maybe she doesn’t have that opportunity because of whatever has happened to her.”

Morgan Bauer is 5’6” tall and weighs approximately 125 pounds. She has blue eyes, long brown hair, and multiple piercings and tattoos — including a flower design on the back of her neck. Anyone with information about her whereabouts should please contact the Atlanta Police Missing Person Unit at (404) 546-4235.

The teen’s family and friends are providing updates about the ongoing search on a Facebook page called Missing Morgan. As of Monday, the page has over 5,000 members.

Despite receiving some harsh and judgmental words about her daughter’s disappearance, Sherri has expressed gratitude towards everyone helping out with the search and sharing her daughter’s picture and story.

Sara House, of Stockbridge, was touched by Morgan Bauer’s story. Sara said she knows “It’s very rough out here, if you don’t know people and don’t know where you are going, you’ll get swept up really easily.” In an effort to help find the missing teen, Sara donated posters with the teen’s information and how to contact authorities with information.

Sherri Sichmeller acknowledges that her daughter wanted to start a new life in Atlanta. However, she does not believe her daughter would have ceased contact with all her family and friends.

“She not contacting her friends and going completely silent is not her… She is outgoing. Her personality could light up a room in 30 seconds. She’s beautiful, impressionable and very trusting.”

Anyone with information about Morgan Bauer’s whereabouts is encouraged to contact the authorities immediately.

[Image via Facebook]