Kaitlyn Bristowe And Shawn Booth Reunite: ‘Bachelorette’ Stars Embrace Date Night, Family Fun In Nashville

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth fell in love and got engaged last spring on ABC’s The Bachelorette, and they are still together and doing well living in Nashville, Tennessee. Some fans thought this duo would fizzle out soon after their season ended, but it looks like they are now stronger than ever. What’s the latest from Kaitlyn and Shawn?

Some Bachelorette fans were buzzing a bit earlier this month when Kaitlyn Bristowe spent some time on her own up in Vancouver, Canada, while Shawn Booth stayed in Nashville. As viewers will remember, Kaitlyn is from Canada, and she had a number of events and appearances back there to tackle. Bristowe even mentioned in one of her Snapchat videos that viewers should not be alarmed, that she and Shawn were still together and she was just back home for a brief time.

Now Kaitlyn is back in Nashville again, where she lives with her fiance, and the two have been having some great outings. Bristowe gushed over Shawn after he organized a special date night, noting that he had rented out a local painting studio for just the two of them. She said it was a great surprise, and she felt like a lucky gal.

Not only did Shawn wow Kaitlyn with a private date at the painting studio, he arranged a meaningful surprise for her. Bristowe said that Booth had musician Canaan Smith stop by to serenade her, and she was clearly quite stunned by the gesture as fans could see in the video she posted to Instagram.

Kaitlyn says that Smith’s song “Love You Like That” has been “her song” with Shawn. Booth had originally planned to have the musician surprise her with it during his Bachelorette hometown date. However, as viewers will recall, the filming schedule for Bristowe’s season was shaken up significantly in the late stages, and there were no traditional hometown dates.

Just a few days after the painting date, Kaitlyn and Shawn took Nashville by storm when they joined friends and family to do a Pedal Tavern outing. The bicycle-powered bar crawl event was seemingly done as a birthday celebration for Shawn’s sister Meghann, who also lives in Nashville as well.

Kaitlyn and Shawn shared some photos and videos throughout the fun outing, and Bristowe noted on Snapchat that soon she and Meg would officially be sisters. A fun time was clearly had by all as everybody let loose, enjoyed some drinks, and shared clips of the bar crawl with Bachelorette fans via social media.

What about wedding plans for the Bachelorette couple? Kaitlyn and Shawn had said that they would start making plans after the first of the year, but the last that they mentioned, they admitted that they hadn’t really started yet. Booth and Bristowe say they absolutely will be getting married, and they have even talked about being excited to have babies.

Kaitlyn moved to Nashville shortly after her Bachelorette finale aired, and she recently detailed that she and Shawn had moved into a new place together there. However, for now, Booth and Bristowe seem perfectly content to keep things just as they are in Nashville, where they are having fun and embracing their engagement.

Do you think Kaitlyn and Shawn will end up walking down the aisle? These two Bachelorette stars had a ton of chemistry right from the start, and fans think they just might have what it takes to go the distance. Next up for the franchise is JoJo Fletcher, Ben Higgins’ runner-up, and filming is taking place right now for her season that will premiere in May. Will Fletcher find the kind of love that it seems Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth have? Fans are definitely hoping that will be the case.

[Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images]