Ben Affleck Gushes Over ‘Superhero’ Jennifer Garner Amid Reports ‘Couple Plan To Reconcile’ — Divorce Off?

Ben Affleck just can’t seem to stop talking about his wife, Jennifer Garner. The actor, who is alleged to have cheated on his partner, has had nothing but positive things to say about the mother of his three children, going as far as calling Garner a superhero in a new interview.

Affleck is currently promoting the forthcoming release of Batman v. Superman, so the promotional duties he is locked down to are considerably challenging when considering the endless headlines Ben and Garner had made over the past couple of months.

Last year, it was infamously claimed that Ben Affleck had cheated on Jennifer with the family’s nanny, Christine Ouzounian. Reports claimed that after Garner found out about the supposed ongoing affair Ben had with Christine, she immediately fired her, which only made the story that much more convincing.

Should it be true that Ben cheated on Jennifer, one also can’t rule out the fact that Affleck was said to have struggled with a gambling addiction — one that was very instrumental in the couple’s arguments, which eventually led to their unexpected divorce announcement.

Making it known that he still cares and respects Jennifer Garner, Ben tells E! News that the Butter actress is an amazing mother, adding that he is lucky to share three beautiful children with her. “You know, I just marvel at my mother who did a great job of raising my brother and I,” he tells the outlet.

“Parenting is hard work but it’s so rewarding and I certainly do my best. Jen is a superhero mom. She is an amazing mother and I’m really lucky to have her as a partner to co-parent these kids with. We try our best, we put them first and that’s what we do.”

His interview with the news firm comes just weeks after it was reported that Ben Affleck had returned to the family’s $43 million mansion in California, reportedly sleeping in the room just next door from Garner.

While it’s unclear what the pair’s intentions are with Affleck and his wife living under the same roof, some sources are convinced that the duo is working out their problems and could potentially reunite, having already made the first big step by sharing the same house.

On top of that, Ben and Jennifer made it very clear to the public that their children have come first in all of this. While the actor and his wife have been going through their marital problems, the two have always managed to pull it together for the sake of their children’s birthdays and other events concerning their three youngsters.

Just last week, one report claimed that Ben’s mother, Christine Boldt, was furious with Garner over her intimate Vanity Fair interview, feeling as if the actress was trying to ruin her husband’s Hollywood reputation.

An insider revealed that Christine was anything but happy with the interview. It didn’t come across in a positive manner, which left her feeling unsure of where her relationship with Garner stood, especially since Ben had remained so quiet with everything that concerned the couple’s divorce process.

Whether the couple is willing to give their marriage another shot has yet to be determined, but signs are definitely pointing in that direction. Do you think Ben Affleck deserves another chance?

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]