'The Bachelor' Stars Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Pregnant Already?

Despite a controversial beginning, The Bachelor star Ben Higgins and his soon-to-be-wife Lauren Bushnell are off to a fast start. Higgins recently posted an image on Instagram that hinted he is already thinking about fatherhood. Does this mean that Bushnell is pregnant?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the two are currently on their publicity tour following the finale of The Bachelor. Although Higgins was the source of controversy after he told both of his final two contestants that he loved them, it appears as though his actions haven't prevented his future union with Bushnell.

Lauren Bushnell's Dark Past Before 'The Bachelor' And Ben Higgins Revealed [Photo via ABC]
Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins after the proposal. [Image via ABC]

Higgins and Bushnell visited Broadway as one of the touring locations and attended The Lion King on Broadway. Following the show, Higgins and Bushnell made their way backstage when the Bachelor star snapped a photo of Bushnell holding the prop for baby Simba.

The picture itself was not out of the ordinary, but Higgins' caption created quite the frenzy online.

"My girl practicing for parenting," he wrote alongside the image.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Bushnell is pregnant, and there could be other motivations behind the comments. Higgins could be trying to extend his spot in the limelight, and rumors of an early pregnancy would definitely do the trick. Either way, the comments were an interesting choice of words and hints that they are at least thinking about their future together.

That being said, Hollywood Life is reporting that this isn't the first time Higgins and Bushnell have discussed being a father. During a recent appearance on Good Morning America, the Bachelor stars revealed that they don't want a prolonged engagement and want to start focusing on their future as soon as possible.

"We laughed about this the other day. I think, what did we say, three kids?" Higgins stated during the interview.

"I really want three, yeah. So, you agreed, right?" Bushnell responded.

Higgins replied, "I did agree, just to be safe."

According to Us Magazine, Higgins and Bushnell spent a few days in New York City after the season ended filming in L.A. Once their promo tour is over, the couple plan on going back to Denver, where the two will begin their life together.

Babies aside, the two have yet to plan out the details of their coming wedding. In an interview with E! News, Bushnell revealed that fans won't have to wait long before she officially ties the knot with Higgins.

"I would love to set a date and start the planning and start getting excited about that," she shared.

"We talked this morning on the plane, I would love to do 2016, early 2017," Higgins added. "I don't want to rush is to the point where it's stressful, but I also don't want to wait too long."

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell [Image via ABC]
Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell [Image via ABC]

As to whether or not fans will get the opportunity to watch the ceremony live, Higgins revealed that they are considering televising the event. However, they are first looking forward to returning to life as normal before they jump back into the spotlight.

"That's an opportunity we'd have to look into," he said. "We are returning to the stage of life now where we can be public as an engaged couple. And now whatever opportunities come up and whatever conversations happen, we'll listen. If it's something that seems to be best for us and also for the people who have now watched our love story for the last couple of months then great. If not, we'll definitely celebrate privately with friends and family still."

It isn't clear if their plans to have children right away will speed up the marriage process. Whatever ends up happening, it won't be long before these two exchange their vows and become parents.

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[Image via ABC]