Umpire Ejects Man For Playing ‘Three Blind Mice’ After A ‘Bad’ Call [video]

A Florida umpire ejected stadium intern Derek Dye for playing “Three Blind Mice” after a call the fan considered less than accurate. When “Three Blind Mice” began blaring from the public address system during a minor league game at Jackie Robinson Ballpark in Daytona Beach, home plate umpire Mario Seneca wasted no time when rather ceremoniously tossing out the music man.

Daytona Beach Cubs manager Brian Harper was arguing with umpire Mario Seneca about a decision called in favor of the Fort Myers Miracle minor league baseball team. When umpire Mario Seneca yelled those two words a baseball manager never wants to hear, Harper thought the order was directed at him, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

Controversy ensued due to a call at first base during the very close between the Daytona Cubs and the Fort Myers Miracle minor league baseball team. Due to the antics of the DJ intern, the public address system was shut down for the rest of the Florida minor league baseball game, according to the Star Tribune.

Umpires are not known for their sense of humor, at least on the field, therefore the stadium DJ should have expected such a response even though he made the bulk of the fans giggle with the “Three Blind Mice” prank. Umpire Mario Senaca did not need a microphone to make his angst known when he turned, pointed to the press box where the Jack’s P.A. System is located and shouted, “You’re Gone! No more music!”

The Daytona Cubs won the game 2-1 despite the comical “Three Blind Mice” shenanigans which irritated the umpire during the eighth inning. Perhap at tonight’s game Dye should stick to just playing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” during the seventh inning stretch if he wants to stay long enough to see the final pitch.