Mother Of Jahi McMath Posts New Photos Declaring Her ‘Brain-Dead’ Daughter ‘Alive And Healthy’

Recent photos posted on Facebook of declared brain-dead 15-year-old Jahi McMath, show her mother, Nailah Winkfield, is not about to give up the fight for her beautiful daughter’s life. Winkfield believes the photos of her healthy looking daughter prove the naysayers wrong.

“Jahi as healthy and beautiful as ever, proving the naysayers wrong,” Winkfield wrote on facebook. “A fighter, A warrior, A blessed child, Gods got your back little girl, keep fighting. Your testimony will be a great one. Prayers going up from many, all the prayers, good wishes combined with your mothers love for you which is pure and soothing will definitely keep you going. Stay blessed everyone and thank you for your prayers and love.”

In December of 2013, 13-year-old Jahi McMath was declared brain-dead by doctors after going into cardiac arrest after what family members called a routine tonsillectomy to help Jahi with her sleep apnea. According to the Root, after her surgeries, Jahi McMath suffered from massive blood-loss that led to cardiac arrest. Three doctors declared her dead, and applied to take her off of life support. A coroner even issued a death certificate, but Jahi’s family refused to believe she was gone.

A long legal battle followed and the family won the injunction to keep Jahi on life support. Jahi’s family is still in the middle of a lawsuit that alleges the surgery was botched and they were being pressured to donate Jahi’s organs. They are also still fighting to have the death certificate overturned, which would force the insurance company to pay for treatment.

The last we heard about Jahi was a few days before her fifteenth birthday, where he mother posted a photo of Jahi entitled “15 and Fabulous.” The young girl had freshly braided hair, perfect skin, and appeared to just be in a deep pleasant sleep.

“Hello everyone,” Winkfield wrote in a post on the facebook page Keep Jahi Mcmath on life support. “As requested here is the latest pic of Jahi. Our little sleeping beauty is doing great and progressing. She is moving more on her mother’s command. As you can see she is still alive and just as beautiful as ever. Flawless skin! She will be 15 in a few days.”

” ‘They’ said she was ‘dead, dead, dead’,” Winkfield added. ” ‘they’ said she won’t last long and that she would start deteriorating, ‘they’ claimed she was just going to last a few weeks, or maximum few months before her organs stop working. Who are ‘they’? Just mere human beings, who will keep learning each new day, that there is He Who Is Greater than ‘they’. God the Creator, our Creator. He, who has the last say so. He, who created us mere human beings. He, who is the Author of our lives, and decides when we our born, and when it is our time to go. Jahi McMath, He has you here for a reason and here you will stay, on earth, healing and helping make those who do not believe aware that there is a GOD greater than ‘they’.”

There were also instructions on where to send Jahi a birthday card to help her celebrate her fifteenth birthday.

Although keeping Jahi McMath on life support has been surrounded by controversy, the family seems undeterred by public opinion. Every day seems to bring new hope for the family which is evidenced in photos and even videos of Jahi responding to commands. It seems Jahi McMath has not given up the fight for her life either.

[Images via Facebook]