‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael Easton’s New Role Begins, Tracy’s Test Results Come Back, And Carly Helps Alexis In The Trial

What can viewers expect from Monday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers detail that the trial involving Mayor Lomax, Olivia, Alexis, and Diane will continue, and everybody will see more regarding Tracy’s health situation as well. Nina and Maxie are scrambling to save this new issue of Crimson, and teasers detail that there is plenty of action on the way with this March 21 show.

The trial is about to begin, and viewers saw that Carly showed up at the courthouse angling to talk Olivia into dropping the case after the health inspector showed up at the Metro Court and shut it down. General Hospital spoilers tease that Alexis will look to utilize Carly for their case, and according to We Love Soaps, it works. Carly is furious about what happened at the Metro Court, and Alexis manages to harness that fury to her benefit.

Nina came up with a crazy but potentially brilliant idea to save this newly-sabotaged issue of Crimson, but she also wants to figure out who created the problems. General Hospital spoilers share that she will come up with a plan to find answers, and soon the Crimson ladies may get confirmation that Julian is the one trying to ruin their efforts.

Tracy’s health continues to deteriorate, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that some key lab results will come back during Monday’s show. Dr. Mayes is said to be agitated when he sees Dr. Munro and Brad looking at her records, details SheKnows Soaps. Munro has felt sure that Mayes is missing something in regards to this situation, but he’s not having much luck getting access to the case.


As agitated as Tracy has been over all of this, Monica has been by her side and refuses to go away or give up. General Hospital spoilers share that Monica will be telling her again how she’s determined to figure this out and ensure that Tracy makes it, but the patient clearly is not so confident.

Dillon is quite worried about his mom, and General Hospital spoilers detail that he will make a call to Ned, telling him it’s time to head back to Port Charles. Wally Kurth will be returning to the role of Ned again for a bit, and he first pops up again next week.


Michael Easton is expected to pop up in his new role beginning with this next episode, and there is a bit of a twist with this one. Early intel had mused that Easton would be playing a doctor named Dr. Marcus Byrne in this return. However, as Michael Fairman On Air-On Soaps details, it seems that is incorrect. Rather, Easton apparently will play a character named Dr. Hamilton Finn.

Very little is known right now about Easton’s new character, other than that it is an entirely new character, and he will play a doctor. It looks like viewers will get to see this new character on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week, and it has been teased that a big story is on the way for this fan-favorite actor. Who do you think Dr. Finn will be, and who is he connected to in Port Charles?

As the week continues, both Elizabeth and Spinelli will uncover juicy tidbits regarding Hayden while Laura figures out what the key Helena left her is related to. What is the truth about Tracy’s health situation? What will Nina and Maxie do when they realize that Julian is sabotaging Crimson? There is plenty of juicy action on the way, and viewers cannot wait to see what comes next this week on General Hospital.


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