Apple Gets Ready To Launch iPhone SE, New Phone Will Replace 5s Model

The rumored new Apple iPhone SE will soon reach the public as it debuts alongside the new iPad Pro and the Apple Watch upgrades.

According to reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook will be showing off the new iPhone, which is now being tagged as a cheaper version of the 5s. This is not the iPhone 7, and there are no details expected to be released about the next series installment during the Monday event.

The rumored new phone is said to have the same specifications as that of the iPhone 6s, but with a 4-inch screen. The new model is said to replace the iPhone 5s model. Overall, the new device will have the same features as that of the iPhone 6 and 6s.

Based on some photos leaked online, the physical design of the Apple iPhone SE will be the same as that of the 5s, except for its curved glass edges and a “Touch ID” fingerprint reader.

Features and specifications aside, it’s being reported that one major reason for the release of the new phone is that the tech giant is attempting to capture a bigger share of the market in the United States and Europe. Furthermore, Apple also hopes to capitalize on emerging markets like India.

Despite it being cheaper than the latest iPhone models, the SE is still pricey, with an estimated $400 price tag.

With analysts continuously stating that the recent trend of releasing bigger phones does not really cover all markets, it only follows that the tech giant would want to get a share of consumers who prefer smaller smartphones for practicality reasons.

To support this, studies show that only about one-third of worldwide sales of mobile phones are categorized under phablets, the phones whose sizes are in between a smartphone and a tablet. This shows that not all consumers are after “the bigger, the better” device.

However, there is also a study showing that phones that have a display size of less than 4.5 inches experienced a 20 percent decrease in sales in 2014. With this, Apple still believes that the iPhone SE can push against this result owing to its 4-inch screen size.

Apple maintains that there is a lot of opportunity in the market for phones priced under $200 in countries like India. Analysts add that the release of the Apple iPhone SE is more of an effort to boost mid-cycle sales. Note that the latest iPhone models have experienced a decline in sales for this quarter.

Aside from the new iPhone, a new version of the iPad featuring a detachable keyboard and stylus designed for business user will be showcased.

CEO Tim Cook believes that there is still much that the Cupertino-based company can do with the iPhone series. Taking its cue from its competitors, it is now poised to explore other markets starting with this new iPhone.

The unveiling of new products by Apple comes on the heels of the company’s battle with the FBI regarding the recent San Bernardino shooting. The FBI sent a request demanding access to data from the shooter’s iPhone 5c, but Apple did not oblige, fearing that unlocking encrypted data from customer devices would set a bad precedent.

The FBI believes that the iPhone of the shooter contains information needed to close a time gap during the December 2 shooting. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many more have supported Apple in the case.

[Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]