More Speculation Revealed ‘Billion Dollar Wreck’ Is Fake

Viewers are really enjoying the new show Billion Dollar Wreck on History. There has been a lot of speculation that the show Billion Dollar Wreck could be fake, even though they are making it to look like it is all reality. TV Over Mind shared a lot of speculation that Billion Dollar Wreck might not be what it looks like and the reasons that viewers feel that way.

Martin Bayerle is very focused on finding the treasure and has been working on it for the past 35 years. There is supposed to be billions of dollars worth of stuff in the bottom of the ocean. Martin has tried before and didn’t succeed, but now he is back on the show Billion Dollar Wreck trying once again. His estranged son Grant is working with him on this quest.


A lot of people don’t trust Martin Bayerle, the guy on Billion Dollar Wreck. Somehow, they still chose to make a show about him, but Bayerle was convicted of voluntary manslaughter for the murder of Stefano Robotti, Bayerle’s wife’s alleged lover. At the time, he was not with his wife, but this is still pretty crazy. As The Inquisitr already shared, Martin did this all after his first time trying to find the treasure. The star of Billion Dollar Wreck was put in jail for five years, but he only spent half the time in jail because of good behavior. The man was shot six times at a farmhouse that he was living at with Susan, her parents, and her children.


When the ship The Republic went down, the ship was a total loss. Billion Dollar Wreck is still looking for the treasure though. There are so many rumors about what might be on board the ship. It could be $250,000 worth of raw gold. If this is true, it is worth several million dollars. Another theory says that $3,000,000 in relief for victims of a recent Italian earthquake was the lost booty on The Republic.

History shared a new preview of Billion Dollar Wreck that will air on Monday, March 20. This will be the sixth episode of the season. They will be reaching out to a coin expert to help them out. The man already knows about the project. They talk about how the rumors are that there could be $3 million or something else. This man is going to explain what kind of coins they should be looking for on Billion Dollar Wreck. He wants to know exactly what they are looking for, and he was even shown an example of some jewelry from that time that they could find as well. If they find this on Billion Dollar Wreck, it could be a bonus considering that the jewelry isn’t what they are even looking for.

If the coins have made it on the ocean floor, then they could be damaged a bit or more dull. If they are still on the ship and covered, then the crew could end up finding the coins in amazing condition. They are very hopeful that they will not end up failing again and will find The Republic on Billion Dollar Wreck this season.

Do you think that Billion Dollar Wreck on History is a fake show? Do you feel like this is real and they are going to find big treasure? You just never know what is going to happen on this show. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Billion Dollar Wreck on History on Monday nights.

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