Herman Cain: Donald Trump Should Be Emulated, Not Stopped

In an op-ed on Sunday, Herman Cain expressed that Donald Trump is doing something that the establishment Republicans have failed to do, and that leadership shouldn’t be making an effort to prevent him from taking the nomination. Instead, Cain opines, leadership should address the concerns of the people, and actually make progress on the issues they use as talking points — something he says conservatives have failed to do.

According to the New York Times, Republican leaders have decided to make a concerted effort to keep Trump from the presidential nomination, and, if he should receive the nomination, to block him from presidency by running a independent candidate in the general election.

Herman Cain: Donald Trump strategy by GOP leaders should stop [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]Dividing a party’s voters, of course, is a desperate strategy that could place the other party’s candidate in the White House — but in the year of ‘anyone but Trump’ and ‘anyone but Hillary’ voters, it appears that leadership is desperate enough to at least consider it.

The plan is to launch a strong anti-Trump campaign, starting with the Wisconsin primary on April 5.

Trump, meanwhile, takes pride in the fact that attack ads, negative press, and protests don’t seem to reduce the amount of support he has.

On Sunday, Herman Cain, who sought the Republican nomination for President in 2012, later endorsing Mitt Romney, said in an opinion piece that it’s time for the conservative establishment to stop “with the secret meetings,” and give up trying to stop Donald Trump’s path to the nomination.

“Your betters can’t control you, and they’re in panic mode about it,” said Cain.

Cain further opined that there is only one reason the conservative movement and the Republican party could be so determined to stop Donald Trump.

“They can’t seem to control the people. And they’re convinced that if they don’t find a way, it will lead to their demise.”

According to Cain, while there are concerns about whether Trump could beat Clinton in the general election, a bigger reason for resisting him as a candidate is because “our betters” are worried that they can’t control him.

The biggest reason, though, he believes, is that politicians have failed to make progress on a number of their talking point issues (budget, tax code, energy resources), and people see Trump as someone who “shows the fire and the nerve to actually [fulfill these promises].”

Trump’s primary and most oft-repeated promise is a vague one, but there’s no question it receives grand applause at every rally.

Aside from that, his website boasts positions on six issues: healthcare reform, U.S.-China trade reform, Veteran’s Administration reforms, tax reform, immigration reform, and the second amendment.

These positions include low-income individuals and families (under $25k individual or $50k combined) replacing tax forms with a single page to mail the IRS that says “I win,” making Mexico pay for a wall, and controlling trade with China by deploying military forces “to the East and South China seas.”

Herman Cain: Learn from what Donald Trump does, instead of trying to stop him [Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images]Cain further opines that the political class needs the ability to offer a few controlled options and force the public to choose between them, and suggests that electing Donald Trump represents the public’s ability to rob the political elite of that power.

He believes that Trump has done something that others will have to learn to emulate.

“What Trump has done is shown the way to ignore all the pundits, ignore all the consultants, refuse to play the game of the mainstream media – and still have success. When others realize this is possible, it’s game-over for the people who usually control the terms of the debate.”

Herman Cain stopped short of actually endorsing Donald Trump, but clearly expressed that he sees any GOP efforts to prevent a Trump presidency as an effort to control the American people.

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