Watch 2016 Philippine Presidential Debate Online: Full Video Of Second PiliPinas Debate From Cebu

Viewers can watch the second Philippine presidential debate online and see the heated arguments and political battles that marked the debate in the Cebu province.

The Sunday debate was the second of three leading up to include a number of personal attacks on candidates, including accusations of whether Senator Grace Poe truly loves her country. A full video of the second Philippine presidential debate can be found below.

The debate included Vice President Jejomar Binay, Senator Grace Poe, mayor Rodrigo Duterte, and former interior secretary Mar Roxas. They are vying to replace President Benigno Aquino III, whose six-year term ends in June. The nation faces a number of economic challenges, corruption, and poverty, all of which came up as topics of the second Philippine presidential debate, AFP reported.

Full video of the second Philippine presidential debate can be seen here:

“You always say you’re a true Filipino, but how can you be one when you took an oath to become an American and you abjured, you were ashamed of where you came from,” Binay said.

Grace Poe had to overcome obstacles to even make it into the race. An elections commission originally disqualified her from running, but Philippine Supreme Court overturned the decision and allowed her to run in the May 9 election.

“This victory isn’t only mine,” Poe said at an International Women’s Day rally in a downtown Manila square. “This is most of all a victory for the oppressed, a victory for those who are burdened by this system and a victory for women.”

As The Associated Press noted, the decision helped set Poe up to lead the polls going into the second Philippine presidential debate.

“She will now be the candidate to beat,” political analyst Ramon Casiple said, adding that people who were concerned that she may be taken out of the race because of her legal troubles now have a clear choice.

“Pulse Asia, an independent polling body, placed Poe in the lead with the support of 26 percent of the respondents in a survey conducted last month of 1,800 people nationwide, followed by Vice President Jejomar Binay, who got 25 percent. Former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, whose candidacy has been endorsed by Aquino, and tough-talking Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of southern Davao city each got 21 percent.”

Duterte also called out Binay, saying he should drop out of the race if the allegations of graft turn out to be true.

“I’d like to be very, very brutally frank to the vice president. Sir, you have so many cases… that’s public knowledge,” Duterte said.

Those who watch the video of the second Philippine presidential debate will also see some social issues at the forefront. As AFP noted, the nation’s ban on divorce was also a subject of the debate, though all candidates appeared to be on the same side of the issue.

“Vice President Jejomar Binay, Senator Grace Poe, veteran mayor Rodrigo Duterte and former interior secretary Mar Roxas were asked during a presidential debate to raise their hands if they favored legislation of divorce.”

“Not one raised a hand in the brief segment. They were not given time to explain their stance.”

“The overwhelmingly Catholic Philippines is the only country aside from the Vatican that bans divorce.”

“Strong pressure from the Catholic church has stymied previous attempts to pass a divorce law even though a survey last year showed that about 60 percent of adult Filipinos support such a measure.”

The third and final Philippine presidential debate will be held next month.

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